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Second supplementary memorandum submitted by the Crown Prosecution Service


  I understand the Solicitor General wrote to you last week informing you of the decision to bring together the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office and the Crown Prosecution Service in order to deliver enhanced prosecution services to the public.

  Notwithstanding this development, I am aware that your Committee has expressed an interest in the way in which the CPS and the RCPO work together, and I know that Alun Michael questioned my fellow Director, David Green QC, on this issue [Qs 243 and 244] when David gave evidence before you on 10 February.

  I am writing to let you know that since then David and I have personally discussed one case in order to decide which of our two Services was the more appropriate to handle the proceedings. The discussions were entirely appropriate and we agreed that the CPS should have conduct of the case.

  Although not a SOCA case, and therefore technically outside the Memorandum of Understanding that exists between tile CPS and the RCPO to determine case allocation, I am sure that your Committee was enquiring about our relationship in general. On that basis, I thought I should bring this case to your attention. I am sure you will understand that it would not be appropriate for me to go into further specific detail.

  More generally, I am delighted to take this opportunity to support David's evidence to you that there are very good working relationships between the CPS and the RCPO and that there is "genuine cooperation and it works" to cite his words to you.

Keir Starmer QC

Director of Public Prosecutions

14 April 2009

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Prepared 6 August 2009