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Examination of Witnesses (Question Numbers 120-121)



  Q120  Mr Turner: Is this happening or is there a potential for it happening?

  Christine Haswell: I would not like to say that it is definitely happening. I do not know that this definitely happens, but it is enough of a concern to our members for us to feel that it was worth putting in the submission in that it was something that people were concerned about.

  Q121  Chairman: Thank you very much. Thank you to all three of you for helping us this afternoon. Of course, if you have after-thoughts or, indeed, responses that have not been raised that you feel you want to let us have later, by all means do so.

  Peter Lodder: May I just ask what the time frame is for the responses?

  Chairman: The sooner the better, but we have more evidence sessions still to go on this. If you could do so within the next two weeks, it would be very helpful and more likely to be of use in the in report.

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