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Supplementary memorandum submitted by the Office for Criminal Justice Reform


  At the Justice Select Committee's session on the Office for Criminal Justice reform (OCJR) on 3 March 2009, Jonathan Slater undertook to write to the committee on two points, first the budget allocated to OCJR from 2004-05 to the current financial year, and second how we are exploring the use of restorative justice. I am writing on his behalf, as he has now left OCJR to take up his new post in the Ministry of Justice.

  OCJR's annual budgets since its creation in 2004-05, including programme budgets, are set out in the table below. These include the costs of the CJIT programme managed by OCJR (£55 million per annum). They also include, until the end of 2007-08, the costs of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (£217 million per annum) and the Criminal Cases Review Commission (£7 million per annum) which transferred from OCJR to the Access to Justice Group within the Ministry of Justice with effect from the start of this year.
YearOverall Budget Programme Budget
2004-05363,611,000.00 320,721,000.00

393,519,718.00 325,923,718.00

415,534,084.00 357,706,192.00

344,504,209.00 324,928,590.00

165,896,736.00 111,703,455.00

  On the issue of restorative justice, the National Criminal Justice Board has encouraged Local Criminal Justice Boards to consider how Restorative Justice approaches for adult offenders could help them achieve their priorities, particularly on victim and public confidence, and be integrated into their annual delivery plans.

  OCJR itself is currently working with stakeholders, including the Restorative Justice Consortium, to develop a victim-focused adult restorative justice strategy that will build on the learning from previous research pilot projects. This will aim to:

    —  establish a best practice victim-focused adult restorative justice framework model;

    —  increase the take-up of adult restorative justice measures across Local Criminal Justice Boards; and

    —  increase the opportunity for victim-led adult restorative justice.

Catherine Lee

Director, Delivery and Communications

March 2009

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