Work of the Committee in 2007-08 - Justice Committee Contents


ANNEX A: Liaison Committee criteria relevant to inquiries

Government proposals
Examination of deficiencies
Departmental actions
Associated public bodies
Major appointments
Implementation of legislation and major policy issues
Draft legislation
Evidence from Minister
Public Service Agreements
First Report, Protection of Private Data, HC 154   
Third Report, Counter Terrorism Bill, HC 4051  
Fourth Report, Draft Constitutional Renewal Bill (provisions relating to the Attorney General), HC 698   
Fifth Report, Towards Effective Sentencing, HC 184  
Sixth Report, Public Appointments: Lord-Lieutenants and High Sheriffs, HC 1001   
Seventh Report, Appointment of the Chair of the Office of Legal Complaints, HC 1122    
Evidence sessions  
A Sentencing Commission  
Administration of Justice   
Sentencing guidelines (framework)  
Work of the Electoral Commission    
Departmental Annual Report    
Work of the Ministry of Justice  
Specific draft sentencing guidelines  
Theft and Burglary (Non-Dwelling) sentencing guidelines   
Causing Death by Driving sentencing guidelines   
Magistrates' Court sentencing guidelines  

1. The Second Report was on the work of the Committee in 2006-07.


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