Appointment of the Chair of the Office for Legal Complaints: Government Response to the Committee's Seventh Report of Session 2007-08 - Justice Committee Contents

Appendix: Government response

I would like to thank the Justice Committee for its report published on 31 October regarding the appointment of the Chair of the Office for Legal Complaints (OLC).

As the Minister in charge of the legal services reform agenda, I read the report with great interest. As you are aware, appointing the Chair of the OLC was the first pre-appointment hearing for both the Ministry of Justice and the Committee and I am delighted to learn of the support and endorsement contained in the report of the chosen candidate, Elizabeth France, CBE.

The questions posed by the Committee on a number of key issues relevant to the appointment have firmly cemented Ms France's suitability as Chair of the OLC and I note that the Committee is entirely satisfied that she meets the criteria necessary for the role. This approval of the appointment is a significant milestone for the scheduled implementation of the Legal Services Act 2007 and begins the building of a new organisation that will inspire public confidence.

The Chair of the OLC will play a significant role in protecting the public's rights and I thank the Committee again for its consideration of this significant appointment.

Bridget Prentice MP

17 November 2008

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