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Memorandum submitted by K S Bates

  I understand you are considering "Devolution-a decade on". As a result I am writing to express my concerns regarding this extremely serious issue.

  The current policy of "some being more equal than others" in terms of national representation and democratic rights is a racist, kick in the teeth for the English. The Barnett Formula has become anachronism and I believe, is now being used as a cynical measure to buy Scottish votes at the expense of the English; why should we suffer National Health cut backs but give our hard earned money to the Scottish so that they can enjoy superior benefits? Why should Scottish MPs vote on English matters when they have not been elected by the English people and therefore do not represent the English people?

  Devolution a decade on has clearly failed. It has traded on the good nature and tolerance of the English people and the English are becoming increasing aware of this abuse. Experiments such as this, in cultural re-engineering by stealth, are at best intellectually naive and at worst, a time bomb for civil disorder. They go against the values of democracy, fairness and tolerance that the English have always held dear and history shows that cultural strength is enduring and prevails against all sorts of adversity.

  Such disaster, I believe, can be avoided. The only solution that I have come across that is:

    —  Enduring,

    —  Would give the English the same devolved powers as the other parts of the UK,

    —  Would recognise England as a nation amongst equals,

    —  Would not cost anymore in number of MPs, building etc,

    —  Would preserve the union, if that is still desirable, and

    —  Would make it easy to distinguish English from non English matters in government,

  Is the establishment of an English parliament. A council of the isles could be created in the House of Lords if there is still a desire to maintain political union with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Anything short of an English parliament can only be described as a blatant racist attack on the English. I would be most grateful if you would take my views into account in your deliberations.

February 2008

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Prepared 24 May 2009