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Memorandum submitted by Mrs Diana Benn

  Writing as a citizen of England, what do I see, as a result of Devolution?

  Firstly, members of Parliament, elected to represent non-English constituencies taking part and voting on matters affecting English constituencies. This is plainly illogical and undemocratic.

Secondly, ministers have been appointed to represent eight regions of England. On the only occasion when the electorate was invited to vote on the question of regional government, which took place in the North-East in 2004, the vote was 78% against, compared to 225 for. Nevertheless, ministers were appointed, committees set up and funding made available. Again, this action could definitely be described as undemocratic.

  The only truly equitable solution to the present situation is the establishment of an English Parliament, not eight regional assemblies, or any so-called Grand Committee.

  Finally, I see that the citizens of Berwick-upon-Tweed wish once again to be re-united with Scotland in order to benefit from the additional perks of free university education and care for the elderly etc voted through the Scottish Parliament. This demand will undoubtedly raise the "West Lothian Question" yet again. However, Lord Barnett has long since disowned his formula as being outdated as stated to the Commons Treasury Select Committee in 2000.

February 2008

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Prepared 24 May 2009