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Supplementary memorandum submitted by Campaign for an English Parliament

  The Campaign for an English Parliament requests the opportunity for its Chairman Scilla Cullen and Head of the Media Unit Mike Knowles to attend and present oral evidence before the Justice Committee on the matter of Devolution. A Decade on.

  The Campaign for an English Parliament was established in 1998 in response to the devolution of powers to Wales and Scotland and its aim is to gain parity with Scotland and therefore obtain for England the same degree of devolution enjoyed by Scotland. The Campaign for an English Parliament has argued against regionalisation and has been closely engaged with the Constitution Unit in debate on the form devolution in England should take. In August 2004 the CEP jointly set up the English Constitutional Convention.

  We understand that Professor Robert Hazell has submitted evidence to the Justice Committee that recommends an English Parliament as the only complete solution to the West Lothian Question but suggests there is no public enthusiasm for it. May we draw your attention to opinion polls that indicate that this statement is not in fact up to date for example the BBC poll in January 2007 which found 61% in favour of an English Parliament and an ICM poll in April 2007 which found support for an English Parliament at 67%.

  Enclosed are copies of The Constitutional Case for an English Parliament, Answering the English Question and Devolution for England—a critique of the Conservative Party Policy "English Votes on English Matters [not printed]".

Victoria Newman

November 2008

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