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Further supplementary memorandum submitted by the Campaign for an English Parliament

  We are members of the Campaign for an English Parliament, and have been informed of an inquiry undertaken by the Justice Committee of the House of Commons, under the above title.

  As registered English voters, we are extremely concerned at the unfairness of The English Question, whereby Scottish MPs can vote on all English matters, but English MPs cannot vote on most Scottish matters. This entirely undemocratic and totally unacceptable. The proper solution to the "West Lothian" question is to have an English Parliament, with the same devolved powers as the Scottish Parliament.

  We are also outraged at the unjustifiable benefits and privileges enjoyed by the people living in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which are heavily subsidised by English taxpayers.

  We have enclosed a list of examples of this shocking unbalance within the UK, and feel the English people must have their own Parliament, to safeguard their standard of living, which seems to be rapidly plunging below that of the rest of the UK, and also to safeguard their national identity, which is in danger of being eroded with the threat of Regional assemblies still hovering in the background.

  From a personal point of view, life seems to be much harder, more worrying, financially, for the elderly, if you reside in England. This is a disgrace, and having an English Parliament would redress the imbalance.

Jean and Eric Wood

January 2008

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