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Memorandum submitted by B K Read

  I am writing to you regarding the Justice Committee's Inquiry into "Devolution: A Decade On".

  I find that the majority of people I meet, from all walks of life, passionately hold the same views as myself with regard to the future of England, and the current state of affairs within the UK.

  I, and virtually everyone I speak to believe that we must have an English Parliament without further delay.

  Northern Ireland has its Parliament, Scotland was granted its own Parliament and Wales its National Assembly. It is surely then, undemocratic and unacceptable for the English people to be discriminated against by not being offered an English Parliament.

  Furthermore, Scottish Constituency MPs are able to vote on all business relating to England, but English MPs are not accorded the same power to vote on most decisions affecting Scotland.

  The only acceptable answer to the West Lothian question is the establishment of an English Parliament with similar powers as have already been given to the Scottish Parliament.

  I have always been totally opposed to the break-up of the UK, but if we English are not offered our own English Parliament, or much more diabolically, if any attempt is made to split England into regions, by imposition of Regional Assemblies or some form of Regional Government (by any name), then I fear that the result would be England withdrawing from the UK, and becoming independent, such is the very strong desire I perceive for the establishment of an English parliament.

  In my view however, if England obtained its own Parliament, there would never be a popular valid reason fro England leaving the UK.

  Would you please advise me weather any other nation within the EU does not have its own Parliament.

March 2008

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