Devolution: A Decade On - Justice Committee Contents

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 200-201)


26 FEBRUARY 2008

  Q200  Chairman: I am not talking about those who share constituencies. I am talking about English MPs and, indeed, Welsh MPs as against MSPs in Scotland and there are actually very few occasions when they come into contact with each other.

  Alex Fergusson: I think that is probably true on the whole, yes. There will obviously be gatherings and events and meetings put together by third parties whereby MPs and MSPs come together but I think from a more organised, procedural point of view that is probably the case, yes.

  Q201  Chairman: Thank you very much to you both, we have much appreciated your help. I think we have all got a better understanding of how your system is working, so many thanks.

  Alex Fergusson: Not at all, thank you very much indeed. I wish you well with your investigations.

  Chairman: Thank you.

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