Devolution: A Decade On - Justice Committee Contents

Examination of Witness (Questions 500-501)


22 APRIL 2008

  Q500  Mr Tyrie: It has been put to, not this Committee but another committee, the Democracy Task Force I served on with Ken Clarke, that it was an insuperable problem for some and that is why I am asking you.

  Lord Steel of Aikwood: People are finding difficulties for every solution.

  Q501  Chairman: Do you think the position of the second chamber, whether the House of Lords or a reformed second chamber, is actually or potentially anomalous or, conversely, do you see any merit in the idea that a second chamber should have a specifically United Kingdom role and serve in some way as a second chamber to parliaments in looking after England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

  Lord Steel of Aikwood: If you are looking ahead to an elected second chamber, replacing the present House of Lords, it would make sense to give it some role, in a way like the Bundersrat in Germany has, as a federal institution representing the different regions. Again, it is not for me to comment on English matters, but that might enable the English regions to feel that they have a locus as well in such a chamber.

  Chairman: Lord Steel, thank you very much indeed.

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