Family Legal Aid Reform - Justice Committee Contents

Annex: Legal Services Commission Consultations since 2006

Consultations since July 2006
Consultation NameStatus FromTo
Legal Aid Reform: A Sustainable Future/The Way Ahead Complete13-Jul-06 12-Oct-06
LSC Unified Contract and General Criminal Contract Complete01-Oct-06 21-Nov-06
Making Legal Rights a Reality in Wales Complete05-Dec-06 02-Mar-07
Amendments to General Criminal Contract (Early Cover) Complete11-Dec-06 02-Jan-07
Police station reformsComplete 12-Feb-0710-Apr-07
Very High Cost Case (VHCC) PanelComplete 12-Feb-0723-Mar-07
Family Fee SchemesComplete 01-Mar-0716-Apr-07
Child Care Proceedings and Funding Code changes Complete01-Mar-07 24-May-07
Unified Contract Specification (Civil) Complete01-Mar-07 16-Apr-07
Duty Solicitor Call Centre and CDS Direct Complete09-Mar-07 01-May-07
Market Stability MeasuresComplete 27-Apr-0717-May-07
Review of Specialist Support Service and CLS Grants Complete18-Jun-07 10-Sep-07
Unified Contract specification - Mental Health category specific provisions Complete22-Jun-07 23-Aug-07
Quality assurance scheme for advocates Complete22-Jun-07 17-Sep-07
Litigator Graduated Fee SchemeComplete 26-Jun-0707-Aug-07
Proposed Amendments to the General Criminal Contract (implementation Oct 07) Complete28-Jun-07 09-Aug-07
Unified Contract Specification - Family Mediation category specific provisions Complete29-Jun-07 10-Aug-07
Best Value Tendering for Criminal Defence Services: A Response to Consultation (July 2008) Complete10-Dec-07 03-Mar-08
Unified Contract (Crime) July 2008Complete 31-Jan-0813-Mar-08
Very High Cost Cases (Crime) ContractComplete 06-Feb-0812-Feb-08
Single Equality Scheme: Respecting Diversity, Valuing Difference 2008 Complete04-Apr-08 16-May-08
Managing legal aid cases in partnership - Delivery Transformation: A Response to Consultation (December 2008) Complete10-Apr-08 03-Jul-08
Reforming the Legal Aid Family Barrister Fee Scheme Complete18-Jun-08 10-Sep-08
Proposed changes to family guidanceComplete 10-Sep-0827-Oct-08

Consultations since July 2006
Virtual Court: amendments to the Unified Contract and Crime Specification necessary to support the national Virtual Court pilot. Complete10-Oct-08 19-Nov-08
Civil Bid Rounds for 2010 ContractsClosed 31-Oct-0823-Jan-09
Means Testing and the Crown CourtComplete 06-Nov-0829-Jan-09
Family Legal Aid Funding from 2010Closed 17-Dec-0803-Apr-09
The Future of Very High Cost Cases (December 2008) Complete 19-Dec-08 04-Mar-09
Prison Law FundingClosed 10-Feb-0905-May-09
Best Value Tendering for CDS Contracts 2010 Closed27-Mar-09 19-Jun-09
Phase 1 Civil Fee Schemes Review: Proposed Amendments from 2010 Closed01-Apr-09 13-May-09
Eligibility Rules for Membership of Duty Solicitor schemes and Local Scheme Boundaries Current15-May-09 26-Jun-09

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