Constitutional Reform and Renewal - Justice Committee Contents

Appendix A: Justice Committee Reports on constitutional issues since 2005

Reports Session 2005-06

Freedom of information: one year on (Seventh report (HC 991), Govt response 6397)

Reports 2006-07

Party funding (First report, HC 163)

Freedom of Information: Government's proposals for reform (Fourth report (HC 415), Govt response Cm 7123)

The Constitutional Role of the Attorney General (Fifth report (HC 306), Govt responses HC 242 (Session 2007-08) and Cm 7355)

Scrutiny of Constitutional Reform (Second Special Report (HC 907))

Reports 2007-08

Protection of Private Data (First report (HC 154), Govt response HC 406))

Draft Constitutional Renewal Bill (provisions relating to the Attorney General) (Fourth report (HC 698), Govt response awaited)

Public Appointments: Lord Lieutenants and High Sheriffs (Sixth report (HC 1001), Govt response Cm 7503)

Reports 2008-09

Devolution: A Decade on (Fifth report (HC 529), Govt response awaited)

Constitutional Reform and Renewal: Parliamentary Standards Bill (Seventh Report (HC 791), Govt response awaited)

One-off evidence sessions

Human Rights Legislation and Government policy-making (HC1703-i-ii, Session 2005-06)

House of Lords Reform and Party Funding (HC 738-i, Session 2006-07)

The work of the Electoral Commission (HC 439-i, Session 2007-08)

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