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That this House welcomes the First Report from the House of Commons Reform Committee, Rebuilding the House, HC 1117;

looks forward to the full implementation of its proposals in the next Parliament, subject to agreement in this session of the necessary Standing Orders, and to implementation in the current session of some proposals;

acknowledges the need for Government to retain the first call on House time for Ministerial business and the House's collective ownership of its time;

welcomes its proposals for enhanced access to the House agenda for select committees and backbenchers;

endorses its proposal for an elected Backbench Business Committee to schedule non-Ministerial business, and to join with Government and Opposition representatives in a House Business Committee in drafting a weekly agenda to be put to the House for decision;

welcomes its conclusions on the House's sitting patterns and on the need for improved procedures at the report stages of bills;

supports its recommendations for the election by the whole House of Chairs of departmental and similar select committees, and the election of members of such committees by secret ballot of parliamentary parties;

endorses its recommendations on the size and number of committees, and the timetable for their establishment;

welcomes the proposals designed to help the House connect more strongly with public concerns, and enhance opportunities for public involvement in proceedings, including the proposed shift in the House's engagement agenda towards facilitating public participation and opening up the process of legislation; and

endorses its proposals on petitions, e-petitions and a petitions committee scrutiny function.

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Prepared 24 November 2009