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1.  We have received a memorandum from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, reporting on the outcome of his investigations into two complaints against the Rt hon Member for Redditch, Jacqui Smith. The memorandum is appended to this Report.[1]

2.  The first of the two complaints against Jacqui Smith was made in February 2009 by Mrs Jessica Taplin, following media reports that Ms Smith was spending fewer nights at her designated main home in London than she was spending at her second, constituency home.[2] The complaint was that Ms Smith had wrongly designated her main home for the purpose of claiming Additional Costs Allowance (ACA) in respect of her second home.

3.  A separate complaint was made by Mr Robert Waterhouse in March 2009, again following media reports. This complaint was that Ms Smith had claimed against her Additional Costs Allowance for the cost of films viewed on cable television at her second home.[3]

4.  We supplied Ms Smith with a copy of the Commissioner's memorandum on 15 September. In accordance with our usual practice, we invited Ms Smith to send us her comments on the memorandum. Ms Smith replied on 18 September. Her evidence is published as Appendix 2 to this Report.

5.  The Commissioner's memorandum, Ms Smith's evidence and this Report cover both complaints.

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