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My husband and I wish to make a complaint about Ms Jacqui Smith's claim that her sister's house on […] Road is her primary residence. And ask that this claim be investigated to the full extent by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. I have previously sent an email to the Houses of Parliament stating this but have not heard back.

As I understand it under the rules, the main residence is where the MP "spends more nights than any other". Since Ms Smith moved into the street last April it has been very clear to all living on the road that she resides there for less than half the week. Like clockwork she stays on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights whilst Parliament is in session.

Neither my husband or myself can remember an occasion when there were police positioned outside the house on a Sunday night or Monday morning, apart from this morning (16th February) when they were outside the house. As there are always police stationed outside the property when she is in residence this is a very clear and simple indicator.

During the summer and at Christmas, and other times Parliament are in recess the policemen disappear altogether for months and weeks respectively at a time, again a very simple indication of her not residing at the property.

Having done the simple maths based on 3 days a week minus at least a full month at summer and at least 2 weeks complete absence over the Christmas period—there seems to me to be no confusion as to the simple truth of the matter since moving into the property Ms Smith does not as the guidance states is required "spends more nights than any other" at the address. And as such her claim that this is her primary residence should be investigated further. Surely a very simple and open way of this being done is to look at the police log for the period from April 2008 - as this will provide the exact information as to what is the truth of the situation.

When Ms Smith started staying on the road, my husband & I felt this was a very positive reflection on her—but to now find out that in reality the nature of the whole situation is based on untruths, her office's claim cited in the papers is misleading at the very least, shines a very poor light on someone who should as Home Secretary be setting the nation a good example.

16 February 2009

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Prepared 12 October 2009