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This letter follows hot on the heels of my previous letter of the same date, as I have just seen a video clip of Ms Smith interviewed about this on the BBC news website in which she paints a misleading picture:


Ms Smith states within it that:

"The place that you spend the most time should be the place that you allocate as your main home".

She then states she spends the majority of time working in London.

"People have said things that are just plain wrong... about the amount of time I spend in London".

The people who she must be referring to above are myself and the other residents of [… Road] who were interviewed this weekend. What is quite incredulous is that Ms Smith is the one who is being misleading—my husband and I clearly stated she spends 3 nights staying at the house on [… Road] for the majority of weeks when parliament is in session & is not present at the address when parliament is in recess to our knowledge - we did not refer to her staying in London in general.

She may very well spend most of her time in London—but being "in London" does not equate to spending the majority of nights at the property she claims to be her primary residence.

Not once in the interview does she clearly and unequivocally state that she spends the majority of nights at the address in [… Road]—and this is core to the whole issue.

It is imperative that this is the question that is answered directly and without avoidance and impartial evidence then provided that support her claim (ie police logs) so that the public and parliament know the truth of the situation. Rather than allowing her to manipulate the press coverage by omission and use of language rather than fact.

We the general public must put our faith in your department's role & ability to discover and reveal the unambiguous truth of the situation with regards to the nights she spends in both her primary and secondary properties.

16 February 2009

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Prepared 12 October 2009