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Thank you very much for your letter of 26 March responding to mine of 2 March about a number of matters in relation to this complaint.

It was very helpful to have the diary information by financial year, as you had offered, and to have your additional commentary on it. Thank you too for your interpretation of the provision in Section 3.1.1 of the Green Book and the answer to the frequently asked question given in the pre-amble to Section 3.

I was grateful for the careful thought you, and senior government officials, have given to my request that I should ask the police for access to their logs to confirm your overnight stays. I am mindful both of your own security and that of others who may require police protection. I am grateful too that you have secured agreement to me having access to your ministerial diaries and for your own suggestion that I should have access to these and to your other diaries to go through them with you. I see that both your Permanent Secretary and the senior Cabinet Office official suggest that access to police records should only be used as a last resort.

I think it would be helpful, therefore, if I took up your kind offer to go through your Ministerial and other diaries. I imagine that this could take a little time and I appreciate that given your ministerial and parliamentary duties, you must have very little of that. I would be very happy, therefore, to discuss the logistics of this with anyone you designate with the aim of ensuring that this work can be carried out as quickly and as securely as possible.

If you agree, it might be quickest if you gave me a telephone call so that we can set in train the necessary arrangements. When I have seen your diaries, I will be better able to decide whether it is necessary for me to ask for access to the police records.

I am most grateful to you and to senior officials for your and their assistance on this matter.

30 March 2009

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Prepared 12 October 2009