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Thank you for your letter of 8 June 2009 in which you ask for my permission for the Metropolitan Police, and through them, West Mercia Police to release data in 'a summarised format' relating to my overnight stays in London and in Redditch.

As you are aware, there are broader issues of policy in approaching the police for information relating to the protection of an individual as spelt out in the letters from Sir David Normington and [the Director of the Propriety and Ethics Team] of the Cabinet Office that I enclosed with my letter of 26 March.

However, I have never opposed your seeking this information with respect to my specific circumstances.

The only stipulation I made was that this information should be as accurate as that provided from other sources. You have been scrupulous in your consideration of my Ministerial and personal diaries. We have, of course, spent a significant period of time going through night by night my whereabouts using these diaries. I have provided extra photographic and other evidence to support my recollection in some cases. The letter from my immediate neighbour supports the conclusions of this analysis.

The summarised information that you have produced for the number of nights spent in Redditch or London that accompanied your letter of 22 April was the result of this night by night analysis.

I am, therefore, content for you to receive the information that you have requested from the Metropolitan Police and West Mercia on the condition that they can supply me with the night by night analysis that forms the basis of the summary. I am writing to the Commissioner and the Chief Constable to make this request.

15 June 2009

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Prepared 12 October 2009