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Thank you for your letter of 7 July enclosing a letter from the Metropolitan Police and your table of analysis of my overnight stays in London and Redditch.

I have today received the night by night analysis from the Metropolitan Police that I asked for as a condition of their providing you with summarised information. For your information, this is in the form of a spreadsheet which simply notes whether the night was covered (in their view) in Redditch or in London. They have also enclosed a summary of […] for each day.

I have not seen the records that have led to these conclusions although I do note that AC Janet Williams has stated that these records were collected for accounting purposes. I presume she means financial accounting rather than accounting for my whereabouts!

However I have now gone through again day by day, my personal and Ministerial diaries to check any discrepancies with the Metropolitan Police summary. I have recorded my view of these discrepancies in the following table:


I still believe that my original estimates using both ministerial and personal diaries that we went through together are likely to be the most accurate record and are the basis on which I would have made judgements about which was my main home. However, I note below my understanding of what the above (if accepted) would mean for the police summary and your summary:


I hope that this is helpful. […]

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Prepared 12 October 2009