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I am writing following your recent letter regarding further or fuller evidence regarding my complaint against Rt Hon J Smith MP.

On the assumption that the presence of Ms Smith at [… Road] coincides with the police presence on the road, whether that is by police in cars or positioned as is more normally the case outside her sister's house, I have noted the following.

I have no written diary or log of the police presence but would attest to the fact that the normal police presence is from Monday mid morning to Thursday mid morning and only when Parliament is sitting. This has increased since your inquiry began and indeed the police are now there more frequently sometimes appearing on Sunday night and sometimes being there till Friday rather than Thursday morning.

With regards to your specific reference to evidence suggesting that Ms Smith did not spend some of her nights at her sister's house on [… Road] during the summer and over Christmas and New Year, I can only say that during the summer recess there is no regular police presence on [… Road]. At Christmas my husband and I were [away] for the latter part of December only returning on the 3rd of January. From memory there was no police presence for a good week or two after our return, only resuming when Parliament was sitting.

I have never actually seen Ms Smith on or around [… Road].

I hope this helps, but surely the police activity log provides evidence of where Ms Smith actually spends the night?

6 May 2009

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Prepared 12 October 2009