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JACQUI SMITH faces the threat of a humiliating demotion after she was forced to apologise yesterday for using House of Commons expenses to pay for pornographic movies watched by her husband.  


Miss Smith submitted the bill for blue movies watched at her family home in […], Worcestershire, as part of a £67 television package claimed under MPs' controversial second home allowance.

She signed it off and, incredibly, it was passed by the Commons authorities.


Miss Smith's claim for the cost of two porn films came when she 'mistakenly' submitted an invoice for a TV package when billing for an internet connection. An itemised receipt handed to the Commons authorities showed the films had been watched on channels offered by the Virgin Media cable TV service.

Subscribers can watch adult only movies on the Playboy Channel, the Adult Channel and Television X. Films available include Sweaty Sex and Happy Husbands And Willing Wives.

The bill revealed the blue movies each cost £5 and were watched on April 1 and April 6 last year. It also include two pay-per-view screenings of the film Ocean's 13, each costing £3.75, and another £3.50 to watch the movie Surf's Up.

The £67 claim was submitted in June last year.

Although Mr Timney puts in her expenses claims as part of his job as her assistant, Miss Smith must personally sign a form each month declaring they were 'wholly, exclusively and necessarily' incurred for her duties as an MP.

It was paid under the discredited additional costs allowance (ACA), which allows MPs to claim £24,000 a year to run homes in their constituency and another close to Parliament. Television subscriptions are permissible and it once emerged that Gordon Brown claimed for his monthly Sky Sports fees.

Yesterday 46-year-old Miss Smith—whose majority of 2,716 in Redditch is the slenderest of any cabinet minister—said: "I am sorry that in claiming for my internet connection, I mistakenly claimed for a television package alongside it.

"As soon as the matter was brought to my attention, I took immediate steps to contact the relevant parliamentary authorities and rectify the situation. All money claimed for the television package will be paid back in full."

Outside their detached home, Mr Timney said: "I am really sorry for any embarrassment I have caused Jacqui. I can fully understand why people might be angry and offended by this."


30 March 2009

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