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Thank you very much for your letter of 23 April responding to mine of 3 April about this complaint in respect of the expenses claim you made for film items.

I was most grateful to receive your explanation. I note that you have decided to repay the allowances for all the Virgin Media charges except those relating to basic broadband and, I assume, telephone line rental. There are, however, two further points on which I would welcome your help. I need first to know whether when paying back the cost of all your television services for the financial year 2008-09, you have done so because you considered all the claims for these services were in breach of the rules or, if not, which of the services, including the film items, you consider were claimed for in breach of the rules in that financial year.

Secondly, I need to know what claims, if any, you have made for film and television services in each financial year from 1 April 2004 to 31 March 2008 and which of these, if any, you consider were claimed for in breach of the rules.

The reason I need this information is that I will need to come to a view on the extent of the breach of the rules in respect of these claims before I decide how best to resolve the complaint.

Once I have received your response, I am likely to consult the Department of Resources for their advice on the interpretation of the rules and on the actions you have taken to resolve the position. I may also need to ask them for copies of your claim forms.

I would be very grateful for your further help on this matter.

28 April 2009

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Prepared 12 October 2009