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I have now heard back from the Department of Resources about this complaint in respect of your claims for film items against the Additional Costs Allowance.

I attach a copy of the Department of Resources' letter of 27 May, together with copies of relevant claims forms and correspondence covering the financial year 2008-09. I see from the itemised bill dated 25 April 2008 that the total service charge in that month was £67, made up of £46 advance charges and £21 event charges. The claims for other months vary between £57.25 and £77.45. Could you help me on why there was this difference between the advance charges and the total service charges, if possible with copies of your itemised bills for the other months? In addition, since it would appear that the summary page of the April invoice from Virgin Media was re-presented with your subsequent two claims, would you let me know if these claims were revised following the Department's letter of 11 November 2008, and if so what were the new amounts?

I am sorry to put you to further trouble, but I am sure that you will appreciate that I do need to have an understanding of the nature of your Virgin Media claims over this period. If it were possible to let me have a response within the next two weeks, that would be most helpful.

2 June 2009

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Prepared 12 October 2009