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Examination of Witnesses (Questions 374 - 379)



  Q374  Chairman: Good afternoon and could I ask you to identify yourselves for our records, please?

  Mr Dalton: I am Graham Dalton. I am Chief Executive of the Highways Agency.

  Ms Clarke: I am Ginny Clarke and I am the Director of Network Services for the Highways Agency.

  Q375  Chairman: Thank you. The Government is still investigating road user charging. What role does the Highways Agency play in that?

  Mr Dalton: I think our role is to support the Department and we have been working with the Department for Transport, really looking at the details of how the network is operating and what may need to be done on the network to support a system working, so really a support role on technical matters primarily.

  Q376  Chairman: What sorts of technical matters have you been dealing with?

  Mr Dalton: The layout of roads and junctions, the different sorts of schemes there may be, so if there was segregation of traffic, how would you lay out junctions, so looking at things like the weaving of traffic and movement of traffic.

  Q377  Chairman: Have you done a great deal of work on this?

  Mr Dalton: We have done some work over the last six months or so. I would not say it is a huge amount. It was an important work stream last summer for a while.

  Q378  Chairman: Is this specifically related to road user charging, or is this general work?

  Mr Dalton: The Department was looking at the feasibility of charging for tolled lanes in the context of the managed motorways schemes that we have been working up as a wider scheme and hard shoulder running.

  Q379  Chairman: Has the option of charging drivers only on the motorways and trunk roads been considered?

  Mr Dalton: The work we have done for the Department has only been about the motorways.

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