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6  Conclusion

56.  VOSA has generally proved to be an effective enforcement agency. There was a clear consensus among the witnesses that the work done by VOSA is both important and effective and that VOSA retains the respect of the haulage, bus and coach industries.

57.  Our evidence highlighted a number of issues relating to VOSA's activities that need to be addressed. Of particular concern were the unacceptably high levels of non-compliance with vehicle safety standards among foreign-registered vehicles, the lack of access to ports to carry out inspections and the sharing of information with other agencies both at UK and EU levels.

58.  The fact that Britain has some of the safest roads in Europe is testament, among other things, to the success of VOSA's enforcement regime. It is crucial that VOSA has access to sufficient resources to continue to improve the standard of HGVs and PSVs on our roads. This can only be achieved through continued investment in technology and service improvements. However, it is clear from our evidence that significant improvement in enforcement activities is likely to result from better legislation and collaboration with other agencies and private companies such as ports, rather than simply from an increase in funding.

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