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Memorandum from Mr John Thorburn


2.   Protecting the taxpayer

Item 2.2

3.   Protecting consumers

3.1 and 3.7 Taking both items together

  It is very difficult to start this Non-Political but factual detailed case of & as also to the very serious and severity of the taxpayers money involved, see title heading.

Para 1

  How was this UK issue allowed to continue, firstly both when and what exactly were the embassies doing in the various countries when the financial crisis were breaking? Surely they must have been alerted to the financial structures falling around them. When they have the most sophisticated departmental equipments available to the many embassies, World-wide? Technology, included.

Para 2

  Apart from the global significance I wish to know place my case matters to the UK Governments, involvements or failure also? This crisis is and was made in the UK, BY GOVERNMENTS POLICIES, and know by today's,(15 December 2008) American fraud claims involving UK banks to the millions and billions lost from our already Bailouts or by the release of details, Governments and Banks don't like us to hear of such colossal billions of taxpayers money lost, through inefficient, shortsighted, useless and backward thinking, management's failures.

Para 3

  This is not a new matter Mr Chairman, but as I have studied this case from many angles/view points, and commonsense, from my two very well sourced lines of shared communications, that we were alerted to LONG before the Northern Rock collapse, was taking place and was due to become public. Only a few weeks? later. This makes this banking scandal even more outrageous and the heavy implications of Government and Bankers, officials involved, are far from blameless here, but with the usual styled practice's they just roll-over and think it will die down, IT hasn't and it shows a complete, Matter of Gross Dereliction's of duty, by all who are trusted to be the eyes and ears of governments Treasury Representatives in the banking worlds.

Para 4

In item 3.7

  It speaks of the role of the financial advisers? than were where they at this crash of the banks? We need answers to this question.

  This same thing goes for the leaks, with information's that should be in the public domain, and good democracy that when covered up knowledge that should be made public, but with the heavy handed government "leaks departments" intimidation but as I state,

  "IT NOT THE Complaints THAT WE KNOW ABOUT that we SHOULD worry about, BUT THE complaints that WE don't NO ABOUT THAT WE SHOULD WORRY ABOUT" ie

  the banking crisis etc, the very fact that the general public, the media reports, and MPs, are know so incensed in some matters it puts these cases as the seriousness it deserves and has shown by the gross lack of accountability and process of failures of the bankers and government alike, to protect us shareholders and stakeholders?

Para 5

  Just Who and Where were the auditors and audit trails when this was taking place and who are the Governments "watchdogs" engaged into his massive scandal just as today we learn of Madoff.

  Which furthermore leads to the next questions of Paramount Importance.

  Mr Chairman in a dual purpose role between Governments and Bankers alike? DO THE SAME PEOPLE HAVE THE SKILLS OR ARE AND WERE THEY LACKING VERY WOEFULLY, the said skills in a false position of Boards of Directors or Non-executives, without the same skills also lacking of Banking expertise and accountancy required, to comply with financial regulations of accountancy.

Para 6

  Considering the already £37 billion pounds of taxpayers money injected so far, but given to the ongoing crashes then the general public has every right to become very angry and vociferous with the banks for starters getting themselves into this mess and their supine superiors and advisers. The bankers must hang there heads in shame for the absolute mess over the last six years for very irresponsible, reckless, colossal spending spree, and the serious consequences it has caused the nations taxpayers.


  Mr Chairman I am both confident and confidently signing off with the knowledge that if my requests in September 2008 had been listened to and read very attentively just as I do to gain my researched information, much of this government's questions were available for scrutiny, and easements of the problems of today see highlighted print para 3.

December 2008

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