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1  Introduction

1. In November 2007, we announced a wide-ranging inquiry into the provision of cross-border public services for Wales. In July 2008 we published our interim Report into the provision of cross-border health services. In that Report, our first Report within this inquiry, we noted that since the introduction of devolution in 1999, concerns have been voiced that policy makers in Cardiff and London are failing to consider the impact of diverging policy on the natural flow of people across the Welsh-English border. We believed it was important to consider the impact which such diverging policy has on those wishing to access services, and those providing services in both jurisdictions.

2. This Report focuses on cross-border issues as they affect the provision of further and higher education services. In the course of this part of the inquiry we have heard oral evidence at Westminster and received written evidence from a range of colleges, universities, education and business organisations. We are most grateful to all those who took the time to provide evidence. We would also like to thank our specialist adviser, Mr Rob Humphreys, Director, The Open University in Wales, who has provided us with expert guidance and advice throughout the inquiry.[2]

2   Mr Rob Humphreys declared the following interests to the Committee: member of the higher education in Wales review group; appointed to the All-Wales Convention; employed by the Open University; member of the Committee of Higher Education Wales; Past President and Chair of Welsh Liberal Democrats; member of the Wales Country Panel of Lifelong Learning UK. Back

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