Cross-border provision of public services for Wales: Further and higher education - Welsh Affairs Committee Contents

Memorandum submitted by The Right Reverend Anthony Priddis, MA, Dip Theol, FCEM, Bishop of Hereford


  1.  You will be aware that Herefordshire has no university or institution of higher education within it. The University of Worcester, formed 18 months ago, looks to make some provision, including providing training for nurses in Hereford Hospital. As a consequence, people are unlikely in the main to come across the Welsh border into Herefordshire or indeed into South Shropshire for higher or further education.

  2.  The situation with regard to schools is of course quite different and here there is movement in both directions according to where people live and local quality and reputation of primary and indeed secondary schools, together with crucial issues of transport which may well themselves be connected with where parents work if they are taking children to school themselves.

Anthony Hereford

18 February 2008

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Prepared 16 January 2009