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Supplementary evidence from Professor Teresa Rees CBE, Pro Vice Chancellor, Cardiff University


  There are a number of instances where decisions have been made in Westminster that apply to England where as far as I can tell, an appropriate resource has not been made available on the Barnett formula to Wales. This has had an adverse effect on research in Wales. For example:

    —  when the Government in Westminster decided to address to the issue of Full Economic Costing in Government department and charity funded research in English universities. This was not matched in Wales and remains problematic especially for health charity funded research;

    —  when the funds raised in English universities from alumni were matched by Government resources (following the Thomas report), but the same did not apply in Wales; and

    —  when R&D money in the NHS was earmarked for research but in Wales it remains in Trusts and is difficult to access.


  The first part of this review, on fees, has reported and I am in broad agreement with the recommendations. Indeed, they fall in line with those of the Rees Review.[53] For the main report (which, ideally, would have been conducted in advance of the more specific one on fees), I hope that the focus will look at Wales in its wider context and argue for more joined up thinking on higher education in the UK. This would include commenting on the role of Westminster on aspects of HE in Wales such as the recruitment of international students, innovation and engagement, links with industry, the research agenda of the European Commission's Framework Programme and profiling research of the UK. It would also examine the need for a strategic framework on higher education and research at the UK level at Ministerial and senior civil servant levels.

  Secondly, I trust the review will pay attention, as I am sure it will, to the issue of cross border flows—of students, staff and research funding, drawing in part on the work of the Select Committee.

53   Rees, T, Bell, D, Bruce, T, Davies, D, Humphreys, R, Jenson, G, McGinley, D, Reynolds, S, Richards, K, Singh, R, Smith, E, Williams, F, Woodall, M, and Wynne-Jones, E. (2005) Fair and Flexible Funding: A Welsh Model to Promote Quality and Access in Higher Education Final Report of An Independent Study into the Devolution of the Student Support System and Tuition Fee Regime in Wales (The Rees Review) Main Report, Cardiff: Welsh Assembly Government ISBN 0 7504 3657 3 pp 113 plus CD-ROM of appendices Back

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