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Weekly Information Bulletin: 17th January 2009
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The Week Ahead:
19 - 23 January 2009

Date Commons Chamber General Committees Select Committees Lords Chamber Lords Select Committees


19 Jan

OPQ - Culture, Media and Sport; Olympics; including Topical Questions

Leg - Policing and Crime Bill - Second reading

Leg - Corporation Tax Bill - Second reading

Adj - Revaluation of business rates in the Port of Liverpool

EC C - EU Document No. 5938/08...Safety of Toys

1st DLC - Draft Double Taxation Relief... Orders 2008

2nd DLC - Draft Gambling Act 2005 (Monetary Limit; ...) Orders 2008

3rd DLC - Draft Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001...Order 2009

Public Accounts

Work and Pensions

Welsh Affairs

Communities and Local Government

Oral Questions

Leg - Banking Bill - Committee stage (day 3)

Deb - Help to the automotive industry



20 Jan

OPQ - Communities and Local Government; including Topical Questions

Motion - to European documents; From financial crisis to recovery: a European framework for action; A European economic recovery plan

Motion - to approve a European document relating to financial management

Motion - to approve a European document relating to EU-Russia relations

Adj - Rail fare increases in the South East

PBC - Business Rate Supplements Bill

EC A - EU Document No: 13195/08...Food distribution...

4th DLC - Draft Merchant Shipping...Regulations 2009

5th DLC - Draft Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 (Pupil Information)...Regs 2009

6th DLC - Draft EU Military Staff...Order 2008, Draft Visiting Forces...Order 2008 and Draft International Headquarters and Defence...Order 2008

9th DLC - Section 5 of the European ...Act 1993

Business and Enterprise


Home Affairs


Joint Committee on Human Rights

Oral Questions

Leg - Banking Bill - Committee stage (day 4)

Deb - Funding agricultural and food research

EU Sub-Committee A

Economic Affairs

Merits of Statutory Instruments

European Union


21 Jan

OPQ - Northern Ireland

Prime Minister

Deb - Opposition day (1st allotted day) - (i) Access to emergency and urgent care in the NHS, (ii) The plight of savers

Adj - Coronary heart disease in East Lancashire

WGC - Govt Leg Prog... Wales

8th DLC - Draft Local Government.(Structural Changes)...Order 2008

10th DLC - Draft Companies (Trading Disclosures; Disclosure of Address...) Regulations 2008

11th DLC - Rules of the Supreme Court (Northern Ireland)... (S.R. (N.I.), 2008, No. 479)... (S.I., 2008, No. 3085)

Children, Schools and Families

Innovation, Universities and Skills Sub Committee

Business and Enterprise, Defence, Foreign Affairs and International Development (Committee on Arms Export Controls)

International Development

Public Accounts; Scottish Affairs; Transport; Treasury

Oral Questions

Leg - Marine and Coastal Access Bill [HL] - Committee stage (day 2)

Deb - Humanitarian situation in Gaza


Science and Technology: Sub-Committee II

EU Sub-Committee F

EU Sub-Committee D


22 Jan

OPQ - Energy and Climate Change; Leader of the House; House of Commons Commission; including Topical Questions

Business Statement - Leader of the House

Motions - Business of the House, FOI, Members Allowances

Adj - Ministerial answers to PQs

PBC - Business Rate Supplements Bill

12th DLC - Draft Postponement of Local Elections...(Northern Ireland) Order 2009


Public Administration

International Development

Oral Questions

Debates - United Nations... the world drug problem, Challenges facing the United Kingdom tourism industry

Orders and Regs - FOI (Parliament) Order 2009; Euro Parl Elections (Amendment) Regs 2009; Euro Parl (Disqualification) (UK and Gibraltar) Order 2009; Euro Parl Elections (Loans...) (UK and Gibraltar) Order 2004 (Amendment) Order 2009; Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 (Amendment) Order 2009


23 Jan

The House will not be sitting



Leg - House of Lords (Members' Taxation Status) Bill [HL] - Second reading

Leg - Equal Pay and Flexible Working Bill [HL] - 2R


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Prepared 17 January 2009