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Weekly Information Bulletin: 28th February 2009
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The Week Ahead:
2 - 6 March 2009

Date Commons Chamber General Committees Select Committees Lords Chamber Lords Select Committees


2 Mar

OPQ - Culture, Media and Sport, including Topical Questions; Minister for the Olympics

Leg - Political Parties and Elections Bill

- Remaining stages

Adj - Mobile home parks

EC B - Mandates of EU Special Representatives (Unnumbered Explanatory Memorandum dated 14 January 2009)

1st DLC - Draft Department for Transport (Fees) Order 2009

3rd DLC - Draft Official Statistics Order 2009

Welsh Affairs

Public Accounts

Communities and Local Government

Oral Questions

Leg - Geneva Conventions and United Nations Personnel (Protocols) Bill [HL]

Leg - Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill [HL]

Leg - Health Bill [HL] - Committee stage (day 3)

Short Debate - Referring cases for scrutiny and assessment by the Financial Services Authority

EU Sub-Committee B: Internal Market

3 Mar

OPQ - Communities and Local Government, including Topical Questions

TMRB - Employment Retention

Motion - Draft Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 (Continuance in force of Sections

1 to 9) Order 2009

Leg - Corporation Tax Bill - Remaining stages

Motions - To nominate Regional Select Committee members

Motions - Committee on Members Allowances

Adj - Private James Smith and the First World War

PBC - Coroners and Justice Bill

PBC - Welfare Reform Bill

PBC - Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Bill

EC A - EU Document Nos. 15927/08 relating to European Energy Networks and 15944/08 and Addenda 1 to 4, 15904/08, 15905/08, 15923/08, 15906/IC1/08, 15907/08 and 15908/08 relating to Second Strategy Energy Review

4th DLC - Draft Road Safety (Financial Penalty Deposit) (Appropriate Amount) Order 2009

5th DLC - Draft Employment Tribunals Act 1996 (Tribunal Composition) Order 2009


Environmental Audit

International Development

Home Affairs

Welsh Affairs


Speaker's Conference

Oral Questions

Leg - Marine and Coastal Access Bill [HL] - Committee stage (day 6)

Short Debate - Therapies using adult stem cells

EU Sub-Committee A: Economic and Financial Affairs, and International

Economic Affairs


4 Mar

OPQ - Northern Ireland; Prime Minister

TMRB - Teaching of British History in Schools

Prog Motion - Northern Ireland Bill - Consideration of an Allocation of Time Motion

Leg - Northern Ireland Bill - All stages

Adj - Energy from food waste

6th DLC - Draft Pneumoconiosis etc. (Workers' Compensation) (Payment of Claims) (Amendment) Regulations 2009

7th DLC - Draft Social Security (Contributions) (Re-rating) Order 2009 and draft Social Security (Contributions) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2009

International Development

Energy and Climate Change

Scottish Affairs

Foreign Affairs


Public Accounts

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Oral Questions

Leg - Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill [HL]

Orders and Regs - Northern Ireland Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 2009; Draft of Alterations to the Northern Ireland Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 2002; Criminal Damage (Compensation) (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Order 2009; Employment Tribunals Act 1996 (Tribunal Composition) Order 2009; Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Registration of Regulated Activities) Regulations 2009; European Parliamentary Elections (Franchise of Relevant Citizens of the Union) (Amendment)Regulations 2009; Representation of the People (Amendment) Regulations 2009; Parliamentary Constituencies (England) (Amendment) Order 2009

EU Sub-Committee F: Home Affairs



5 Mar

OPQ - Energy and Climate Change, including Topical Questions; Leader of the House and the House of Commons Commission

Business Statement - Leader of the House

Debate - Supporting women and families through the downturn and building a strong and fair economy for the future

Adj - Men's health at work

PBC - Coroners and Justice Bill

PBC - Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Bill

8th DLC - Draft Financial Assistance for Industry (Increase of Limit) Order 2009

Public Administration


Oral Questions

Leg - Health Bill [HL] - Committee stage (day 4)

Debate - Strengthening of governance and the rule of law in Africa; Maximising the talent and skills available to ensure future economic prosperity

Orders and Regs - Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 (Continuance in force of sections 1 to 9) Order 2009; Immigration and Nationality (Fees) (Amendment) Order 2009

EU Sub-Committee C: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development

6 Mar

Private Members Bills

Adj - Redundancies at Alfred Sargent and Sons Ltd



The House will not be sitting


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Prepared 28 February 2009