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Weekly Information Bulletin
Weekly Information Bulletin: 28th February 2009

Select Committees

A complete list of Select Committee membership and a Factsheet (P2) on the work of Select Committees is available on request from the House of Commons Information Office. The list and Factsheet are also on the Parliament website at:

An index to the Select Committee home pages together with links to further pages containing information about their work and publications is on the Parliament website at:



Select Committee Meetings
23 - 27 February 2009

Monday 23 February

Business and Enterprise
Subject: Exporting out of Recession.

Witnesses: Lord Jones of Birmingham.

Public Accounts
Subject: Building Schools for the Future.
Witnesses: David Bell, Permanent Secretary, Department for Children, Schools and Families, and Tim Byles, Chief Executive, Partnerships for Schools.

Tuesday 24 February

Environmental Audit
Subject: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Deforestation.

Witnesses: Tom Griffiths, Co-ordinator, Finance Programme, Forest Peoples Programme, Saskia Ozinga, Campaign Co-ordinator, FERN and Fiona Watson, Campaign Co-ordinator, Survival International.

Business and Enterprise
Subject: Independent Review of the UK Postal Services Sector.
Witnesses: Nigel Stapleton, Chairman, and Tim Brown, Chief Executive, Postcomm; Adam Crozier, Chief Executive, and Alex Smith, Strategy and Commercial Director, Royal Mail.

Subject: Russia: A New Confrontation?
Witnesses: Edward Lucas, The Economist; Professor Margot Light, Professor Emeritus, International Relations Department, London School of Economics and James Sherr, Head, Russia and Eurasia Programme, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House

Welsh Affairs
Subject: The Provision of Cross-border Public Services for Wales.
Witnesses: Birmingham International Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Culture, Media and Sport
Subject: Press Standards, Privacy and Libel.
Witnesses: Charles Russell LLP, Foot Anstey Solicitors, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP and Marcus Partington, Chairman, Media Lawyers Association; Carter-Ruck Solicitors, Russell, Jones & Walker Solicitors, Swan Turton Solicitors and Schillings Lawyers.

Home Affairs
Subject: Knife Crime.
Witnesses: Howard League for Penal Reform; My Generation.

Joint Committee on Human Rights
Subject: UK Bill of Rights and the Work of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.
Witnesses: Professor Monica McWilliams, Chief Commissioner, Professor Colin Harvey, Commissioner and Dr Nazia Latif, Investigations Policy and Research Worker, Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission.

Subject: The work of the Crown Prosecution Service
Witnesses: Keir Starmer QC, Director of Public Prosecutions, and Peter Lewis, Chief Executive, Crown Prosecution Service

Wednesday 25 February

Subject: Legal Services Board.
Witnesses: David Edmonds, Chairman, and Chris Kenny, Chief Executive, Legal Services Board.

Innovation, Universities and Skills Sub Committee
Subject: Putting Science and Engineering at the Heart of Government Policy.
Witnesses: Professor David Fisk, Imperial College London, Professor Lord Krebs, University of Oxford, Professor Julia King, Aston University, and Professor Lord Rees, President, Royal Society; Dr Tim Bradshaw, Confederation of British Industry, Professor Dame Janet Finch, Council for Science and Technology, Baroness Onora O'Neill, British Academy and Judy Britton, GO-Science.

Subject: Banking Crisis.
Witnesses: Lord Turner, Chairman and Hector Sants, Chief Executive, Financial Services Authority, and Loretta Minghella, Chief Executive, Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Subject: (i) Rail Fares and Franchises (ii) Use of Airspace.
Witnesses: (i) Lord Adonis, Minister of State, Department for Transport (ii) Aviation Environment Federation, Campaign to Protect Rural England and 2M Group; Airbus, The Boeing Company and Society of British Aerospace Companies.

Foreign Affairs
Subject: Global Security: Afghanistan.
Witnesses: Colonel Christopher Langton, International Institute for Strategic Studies, Professor Theo Farrell, King's College London; Professor Shaun Gregory, University of Bradford, Sean Langan, Journalist.

Northern Ireland Affairs
Subject: Consultative Group on the Past.
Witnesses: Lord Eames, Co-Chair and Denis Bradley, Co-Chair, Consultative Group on the Past.

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Subject: Securing Food Supplies up to 2050: The Challenges for the UK.
Witnesses: Tesco, Unilever and the Food and Drink Federation.

Public Accounts
Subject: Radio Production Efficiency at the BBC.
Witnesses: Jeremy Peat, Trustee, BBC Trust, Mark Thompson, Director General, and Tim Davie, Director, Audio and Music, BBC.

Thursday 26 February

Public Administration
Subject: Good Government.
Witnesses: Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP, Minister for the Cabinet Office.

Subject: Banking Crisis.
Witnesses: Mervyn King, Governor, Paul Tucker, Deputy Governor elect, Financial Stability, Andy Haldane, Executive Director, Financial Stability, and Andrew Bailey, Executive Director, Banking and Chief Cashier, Bank of England.

Friday 27 February


Forthcoming Select Committee Meetings

2 - 6 March 2009

Monday 2 March

Welsh Affairs
Subject: Proposed Draft National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Social Welfare) Order 2009 relating to Carers
Witnesses: Gwenda Thomas AM, Deputy Minister for Social Services, Welsh Assembly Government; Wayne David MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Wales Office (at 5:00pm)

4:15pm Committee Room 8, Palace of Westminster
Public Accounts*
Subject: Pay modernisation in the NHS: Agenda for change
Witnesses: David Nicholson CBE, NHS Chief Executive, Clare Chapman, Director General of Workforce, Department of Health and Michael Griffin, Executive Director of Human Resources, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

4:30pm Committee Room 15, Palace of Westminster
Communities and Local Government
Subject: Traditional Retail Markets
Witnesses: Ann Coffey MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Markets Group; Dr Sophie Watson, Professor of Sociology, Open University (at 5.00 p.m.); National Market Traders' Federation, Association of Town Centre Management and National Farmers' Retail and Markets Association (at 5:25 p.m.)

4:40pm The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

Tuesday 3 March

Subject: Banking Crisis
Witnesses: Glenn Moreno, Chairman and John Kingman, Chief Executive, UK Financial Investments Ltd

9:45am The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House
Environmental Audit
Subject: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation
Witnesses: Michael Foster MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, DfID; Joan Ruddock MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary, DECC; Huw Irranca-Davies MP, Minister for the Natural and Marine Environment, Wildlife and Rural Affairs, Defra

10:20am Committee Room 15, Palace of Westminster
International Development
Subject: Sustainable Development in a Changing Climate
Witnesses: Jodie Keane, Research Officer, International Economic Development Group, and Leo Peskett, Research Fellow, Climate Change, Environment and Forests Group, Overseas Development Institute; WWF (at 11:15am)

10:30am Committee Room 8, Palace of Westminster
Home Affairs
Subject: (i) Managing Migration: Points-Based System;
(ii) The Visa Entry Clearance Process
Witnesses: (i) Professor Paul Wellings, Universities UK and Vice-Chancellor, Lancaster University, and Simeon Underwood, Registrar, London School of Economics and Political Science; Louise De Winter, Director, National Campaign for the Arts, Malcolm Clay, Secretary, Association of Circus Proprietors, and Ruth Jarratt, Director of Policy Development, Royal Opera House (at 11:15am)
(ii) Meg Hillier MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Identity, Home Office

10:30am The Wilson Room, Portcullis House

Welsh Affairs
Subject: Digital Inclusion in Wales
Witnesses: Dr Neil Selwyn and Dr Ben Anderson; Ofcom (at 11:15am)

10:30am Committee Room 6, Palace of Westminster
Speaker's Conference*
Witnesses: Peter Facey, Director, and Alexandra Runswick, Deputy Director, Unlock Democracy; Sarah Veale, Head of Equality and Employment Rights, and Narmada Thiranagama, Policy Officer (Women's Equality), TUC (at 11:10am); Trevor Phillips, Chairman, Equality and Human Rights Commission (at 11:35am)

10:45am The Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House

Subject: Office for Criminal Justice Reform
Witnesses: Jonathan Slater, Acting Chief Executive, and Catherine Lee, Director, Delivery and Communications, Office for Criminal Justice Reform, Ministry of Justice

4:15pm The Wilson Room, Portcullis House

Wednesday 4 March

International Development
Subject: Aid Under Pressure: Support For Development Assistance in a Global Economic Downturn
Witnesses: Dambisa Moyo; Neil McCulloch, Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, Dr David McNair, Senior Economic Justice Adviser, Christian Aid, and Dr Dirk Willem de Velde, Programme Leader (Investment and Growth), Overseas Development Institute (at 10:30am)

9:45am Committee Room 15, Palace of Westminster
Energy and Climate Change*
Subject: The work of the Committee on Climate Change
Witnesses: Lord Turner of Ecchinswell, Chair, and David Kennedy, Chief Executive, Committee on Climate Change

10:30am The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House
Scottish Affairs
Subject: Banking in Scotland
Witnesses: Scottish Trades Union Congress and Unite the union; Scottish Financial Enterprise (at 3:15pm)

2:15pm Committee Room 16, Palace of Westminster
Foreign Affairs
Subject: Global Security: The Middle East
Witnesses: Bill Rammell MP, Minister of State, and Dr John Jenkins, Director, Middle East, FCO

2:30pm The Grimond Room, Portcullis House
Subject: The use of air space
Witnesses: British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways and International Air Transport Association; Ministry of Defence (at 3:30pm)

2:45pm The Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House
Public Accounts*
Subject: Management of Asylum Applications by the UK Border Agency
Witnesses: Sir David Normington KCB, Permanent Secretary, Home Office, Lin Homer, Chief Executive and Matthew Coats, Head of Immigration, UK Border Agency, Home Office

3:30pm Committee Room 15, Palace of Westminster
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Subject: Securing food supplies up to 2050: the challenges for the UK
Witnesses: National Farmers' Union and Country Land and Business Association, National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations

4:45pm The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

Thursday 5 March

Public Administration
Subject: Leaks and Whistleblowing in Whitehall/Outside appointments to the Senior Civil Service
Witnesses: Janet Paraskeva, First Civil Service Commissioner and Richard Jarvis, Head of Independent Offices, Office of the Civil Service Commissioners

10:00am The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House
Subject: Patient Safety
Witnesses: Professor Sir Ian Kennedy, Chairman, Healthcare Commission, Baroness Young of Old Scone, Chair, Care Quality Commission, and Dr Bill Moyes, Executive Chairman, Monitor; Finlay Scott, Chief Executive, General Medical Council and Steve Walker, Chief Executive, NHS Litigation Authority; Geoffrey Podger, Chief Executive, Health and Safety Executive, and Professor Kent Woods, Chief Executive, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

10:00am The Wilson Room, Portcullis House

Friday 6 March


All public select committee meetings are webcast
Select committees marked with * will be taken by BBC Parliament

Please note: The decision of a Committee to sit in public may be rescinded, and the place altered without notice.

Committees which sit at short notice may not be included in this list.

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