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Weekly Information Bulletin: 2nd May 2009

Business of the House of Commons
24 April - 1 May 2009

Friday 24 April

The House sat at 9.30pm

Presentation of Bill - Equality Bill (Bill presented and read a First time)

Private Members' Bills -

Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies and Credit Unions Bill - Mr Malcolm Wicks (2R) (Bill read a Second time)

Palliative Care Bill - Mrs Caroline Spelman (2R) (negaitved on division)

Damages (Asbestos-Related Conditions) Bill - Mr Andrew Dismore (2R) (Bill read a Second time)

Sovereignty of Parliament (European Communities) Bill - Mr Christopher Chope (2R) (Bill dropped)

Drugs (Roadside Testing) Bill - Mr Christopher Chope (2R) (Bill dropped)

Employment Retention Bill - John Robertson (2R) (Ordered for 2R: 01.05.09)

Broadcasting (Television Licence Fee Abolition) Bill - Mr Christopher Chope (2R) (Ordered for 2R: 08.05.09)

European Union (Audit of Benefits and Costs of UK Membership) Bill - Mr Christopher Chope (2R) (Ordered for 2R: 08.05.09)

Presumption of Death Bill - Mr Tim Boswell (2R) (Bill dropped)

Exercise of Reasonable Discretion Bill - Mr Tim Boswell (2R) (Bill dropped)

Scottish Banknotes (Acceptability in the United Kingdom) Bill - David Mundell (Deb adj: 06.3.09); (2R) (Deb abj; 2R ordered to be resumed 08.05.09)

Adjournment - Council rents in Lambeth - Kate Hoey

The House rose at 2:57pm

Monday 27 April

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Children, Schools and Families, including Topical Questions

Statement - Prisons and probation - Jack Straw

Statement - Swine flu - Alan Johnson

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Cheapest Energy Tariff (Information) Bill - Mr John Baron (Bill presented and read the First time)

Debate - Continuation of the Budget debate: Business and Skills

Adjournment - Pedestrian crossing installations and Highways Agency costs - Mr Oliver Letwin

The House rose at 10:30pm

Tuesday 28 April

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30am-2.00pm

Westminster Hall Private Members' Debates -

09.30-11.00Electricity generation and consumption in Scotland - Gordon Banks
11.00-12.30Pub ownership and the brewing industry - Dr John Pugh
12.30-13.00Review of listed sporting events - Mr John Grogan
13.00-13.30Performance of Thames Valley Probation Service - Tony Baldry
13.30-14.00United Nations conference on anti-racism in Geneva - John Mann

The House sat at 2.30pm

Oral Questions - Treasury, including Topical Questions

Statement - Reserves (Review) - Mr Bob Ainsworth

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Protection of Children (Publicity) Bill - Mrs Jacqui Lait (Bill presented and read the First time)

Debate - Conclusion of the Budget debate: Employment

Presentation of Bill - Finance Bill - Stephen Timms (Bill presented and read the First time)

Adjournment - Hon Members' addresses and personal security - Dr Julian Lewis

The House rose at 11.34pm

Wednesday 29 April

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 9.30am-5.00pm

Westminster Hall Private Members' Debates -

09.30-11.00Honey bee health - John Penrose
11.00-11.30UK relations with Libya - Daniel Kawczynski
14.30-16.00Recognition of British heroes of the Holocaust - Mr Russell Brown
16.00-16.30Tall buildings and planning policy - Martin Linton
16.30-17.00Policing in Croydon - Mr Andrew Pelling

The House sat at 11.30am

Oral Questions - Wales; Prime Minister

Statement - Afghanistan and Pakistan - Mr Gordon Brown

Ten Minute Rule Bill - Prevention of Excessive Charges Bill - Mr Mohammad Sarwar (Bill presented and read the First time)

Debate - Opposition Day (10th allotted day) - debate on Liberal Democrat motions; (i) Gurkha settlement rights (on a Division, agreed to; (ii) Sri Lanka (Motion, as amended, agreed to)

Statement - Swine Flu Update - Alan Johnson

Statement - Gurkhas - Mr Phil Woolas

Adjournment - Humberside Probation Service - Mr Elliot Morley

The House rose at 9.07pm

Thursday 30 April

The House sat in Westminster Hall between 2.30pm and 5.30pm

Westminster Hall - a debate on the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Darwin Initiative

The House sat at 10.30am

Oral Questions - Innovation, Universities and Skills, including Topical Questions

Business Statement - Leader of the House

Statement - Sri Lanka - David Miliband

Motion - Members' Allowances (agreed to)

Motion - Members' Allowances (Greater London) (on a Division, agreed to)

Motion - Registration of Member's Financial Interests (on a Division, agreed to)

Motion - Members' Staff (on a Division, agreed to)

Motion - Members' Allowances (Evidence of Expenditure) (on a Division, agreed to)

Motion - Members Estimate Committee (Amendment of the Green Book) (agreed to)

Adjournment - Closure of Visteon factory in Basildon - Angela E Smith

The House rose at 6.35 pm

Friday 1 May

The House did not sit

Written Ministerial Statements
27 - 30 April 2009

24.4.09Private Military and Security Companies - David Miliband
24.4.09Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency - Dawn Primarolo
24.4.09Police Injury Benefits - Mr Vernon Coaker
24.4.09Gurkhas (Settlement) - Mr Phil Woolas
24.4.09Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Councillors Taskforce - Maria Eagle
27.4.09Personal Social Health and Economic (PSHE) Education - Ed Balls
27.4.09Defence Intelligence Estate (PRIDE) - Mr Bob Ainsworth
27.4.09EU Environment Ministers (Informal Meeting) 14-15 April 2009 - Hilary Benn
27.4.09Health and Social Care (Age Discrimination) - Phil Hope
27.4.09Communications Data Consultation - Jacqui Smith
27.4.09Family Courts - Mr Jack Straw
27.4.09Legislative Competence Order - Mr Paul Murphy
27.4.09Equality Bill - Maria Eagle
28.4.09Finance Bill - Mr Stephen Timms
28.4.09Informal ECOFIN: 3-4 April 2009 - Mr Alistair Darling
28.4.09United Nations Durban Review Conference - David Miliband
28.4.09Advisory Panel on Judicial Diversity - Mr Jack Straw
28.4.09Delivering a Sustainable Transport System (Consultation) - Mr Geoffrey Hoon
28.4.09Special Fund for Sexual Violence Voluntary Sector - Maria Eagle
29.4.09Lamb Inquiry - Ed Balls
29.4.09Afghanistan Troops Levels (Election Support) - Mr John Hutton
29.4.09Ministerial Correction - Jane Kennedy
29.4.09Veterinary Medicines Directorate - Hilary Benn
29.4.09Autism Strategy for Adults - Phil Hope
29.4.09Sri Lanka - Mr Michael Foster
29.4.09Afghanistan Country Plan - Mr Douglas Alexander
29.4.09"Engaging Communities in Criminal Justice" - Mr Jack Straw
29.4.09Travel Plans - Paul Clark
29.4.09Statutory Senior Traffic Commissioner - Jim Fitzpatrick
30.4.09Regional Development Agency - Mr Pat McFadden
30.4.09Consolidated Fund - Mr Alistair Darling
30.4.09Primary Curriculum Review - Ed Balls
30.4.09Call Out Order (Cyprus) - Mr Bob Ainsworth
30.4.09Defence Vetting Agency Key Targets Financial Year (2009-10) - Mr Bob Ainsworth
30.4.09Puma Review - Mr Bob Ainsworth
30.4.09Nuclear Decommissioning Authority - Mr Mike O'Brien
30.4.09Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust - Alan Johnson
30.4.09Animal Procedures Committee - Mr Shahid Malik
30.4.09Bradley Report - Mr David Hanson
30.4.09Discretionary Social Fund - Kitty Ussher

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