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Weekly Information Bulletin: 2nd May 2009

Select Committees:
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All publications are available from The Stationery Office. Contact details are shown on the back cover of this Bulletin.

HC numbers refer to House of Commons papers session 2008-09 unless otherwise stated.

Cm numbers refer to papers in the Command series.

HLP numbers refer to House of Lords papers.

Select Committee Reports (Section B) are available on the parliamentary website.

NAO & NIAO Reports are the forerunner of Public Accounts Committee inquiries.

(A) Select Committee Evidence

Date Received
Committee Subject Witnesses
Date Heard Paper No and ISBN Price
30.4 Children, Schools and Families Sustainable Schools and Building Schools for the Future
Ty Goddard (BCSE)
Richard Simmons (CABE)
Steven Mair and David Russell (Barnsley Council)
Ian Fordham (BCSE)
Sunand Prasad (RIBA)
Dr Richard Simmons (CABE)
Graham Watts OBE (CIC)
Rt Hon Jim Knight
Tim Byles (PFS)

HC 192
0215 529947
27.4 Justice Ministry of Justice Departmental Annual Report 2007-08
21.10.08 HC 1121-i
0215 529886
30.4 Public Administration Official Statistics:
Publication of statistics relating to knife crime
Sir Michael Scholar KCB, (UK Statistics Authority)
Karen Dunnell (ONS)
Kevin Brennan
5.2.09 HC 229-i
0215 529954
30.4 Treasury Bank of England February 2009 Inflation Report Mr Mervyn King
Mr Paul Tucker
Mr Spencer Dale
Professor Tim Besley
Professor David Blanchflower
(Bank of England)
24.3.09 HC 376-i
0215 529930

(B) Select Committee Reports

Date Received
Committee Details of Original Report
HC Paper and ISBN

30.4 European Scrutiny 16th, Report of Session 2008-09 HC 19-xiv
0215 529916
29.4 Home Affairs 5th, Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill [HL]
HC 425
0215 529800
27.4 Joint Committee on Human Rights 14th, Legislative Scrutiny: Welfare Reform Bill; Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Bill; Health Bill HL 78
HC 414
27.4 Public Accounts 17th, Central government's management of service contracts HC 152
0215 529763
30.4 Public Accounts 18th, Investing for Development: the Department for International Development's oversight of CDC Group plc HC 94
0215 529862
27.4 Scottish Affairs 1st, Work of the Committee in 2007-08 HC 55
0215 529848
27.4 Treasury 6th, Appointment of Paul Fisher to the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England
HC 415-I
0215 529770
28.4 Welsh Affairs 6th, Proposed National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Social Welfare) Order 2009
HC 306
0215 529855
1.4 Welsh Affairs 7th, Legal Services Commission Cardiff Office
HC 374
0215 529893
29.4 Work and Pensions 3rd, The Equality Bill: How disability equality fits within a single Equality Act
Volume I
HC 158-I
0215 529824
29.4 Work and Pensions 3rd, The Equality Bill: How disability equality fits within a single Equality Act
Volume II
HC 158-II
0215 529817

(C) Government Responses to Select Committee Reports

Date Received
Committee Details of Original Report
HC Paper or Cm No of response

27.4 Children, Schools and Families
2nd, Public Expenditure [HC 46] HC 405
0215 529879
27.4 Justice 4th, The work of the Information Commissioner: appointment of a new Commissioner [HC 146]
HC 424
0215 529794
29.4 Public Administration 2nd, Mandarins Unpeeled: Memoirs and Commentary by Former Ministers and Civil Servants [HC 664]
HC 428
0215 529923
27.4 Transport 11th, Ending the Scandal of Complacency: Road Safety beyond 2010 [HC 460] HC 422
0215 529831
27.4 Treasury 2nd, Administrative and expenditure of the Chancellor's departments 2007-08 [HC 35]
HC 419
0215 529787

(D) National Audit Office (NAO): Northern Ireland Audit Office (NIAO)

Date Received
Paper No and ISBN Price
28.4 Addressing the environmental impacts of government procurement HC 420
010 2955753
29.4.09 Financial Management in the Department for Children, Schools and Families HC 267
010 2954777

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