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Weekly Information Bulletin: 9th May 2009
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The Week Ahead:
11 - 15 May 2009

Date Commons Chamber General Committees Select Committees Lords Chamber Lords Select Committees


11 May

OPQ - Work and Pensions, including Topical Questions

Leg - Equality Bill - Second reading

Adj - Sir Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin

1st DLC - Draft Scotland Act 1998 (Modification of Schedule 4) Order 2009

2nd DLC - Draft Financial Assistance for Industry (Increase of Limit) (No.2) Order and the Draft Financial Assistance for Industry (Increase of Limit) (No.3) Order 2009

EC A - Maritime Transport (5559/09 & 5775/09)

Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills

Communications and Local Government

Welsh Affairs

South East Regional

West Midlands Regional

Oral Questions

Leg - Perpetuities and Accumulations Bill [HL] - Second reading

Leg - Law Commission Bill - Committee

Leg - Postal Services Bill [HL] - Report stage (day 1)

Leg - Business Rate Supplements Bill - Committee stage (day 1) (Grand Committee Moses Room)

Orders & Reg - Housing Benefit (Amendment) Regulations 2009



12 May

OPQ - Health, including Topical Questions

TMRB - Surface Water and Highway Drainage Charges (Exemption) Bill

Leg - Finance Bill - Consideration in Committee of the whole House

Adj - Road deaths and obstructive sleep apnoea

4th DLC - Draft National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Agriculture and Rural Development) Order 2009

EC A - Climate change agreement (5892/09 and Addenda 1 to 3)

Business and Enterprise

Regulatory Reform

Home Affairs

Environmental Audit

Culture, Media and Sport

International Development

Regulatory Reform

Public Administration

Joint Committee on Human Rights

Oral Questions

Leg - Disabled Persons (Independent Living) Bill [HL]

Leg - Health Bill [HL] Bill - Third reading

Leg - Marine and Coastal Access Bill [HL] - Report (day 2)

Short Debate - Role of Privy Councillors

Orders & Reg - Terrorism Act 2000 (Code of Practice for Examining Officers) (Revision) Order 2009; Transfer of Tribunal Functions (Lands Tribunal and Misc. Amendments) Order 2009; Freedom of Information (Time for Compliance with Request) Regulations 2009 (Grand Committee Moses Room)

Debate - EU Committee follow-up Report on the EU and Russia (Grand Committee Moses Room)

Joint Committee on Human Rights


13 May

OPQ - International Development; Prime Minister

TMRB - Goalpost Safety Bill

Leg - Finance Bill - Conclusion of consideration in Committee of the whole House

Adj - Adverse reactions to vaccinations against cervical cancer

PBC - Autism Bill

5th DLC - Draft Legal Services Act 2007 (Registered European Lawyers) Order 2009 and the Draft Registered Foreign Lawyers Order 2009

Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills

Work and Pensions

Treasury Sub-Committee

Northern Ireland Affairs

Scottish Affairs

Public Accounts


Oral Questions

Leg - Postal Services Bill [HL] - Report (day 2)

Leg - Business Rate Supplements Bill - Committee stage (day 2) (Grand Committee Moses Room)

Orders & Reg - Climate Change Act 2008 (2020 Target, Credit Limit and Definitions) Order 2009; Carbon Budgets 2009; Carbon Accounting Regulations 2009


EU Sub-Committee F: Home Affairs

Economic Affairs Bill Sub-Committee


14 May

OPQ - Transport, including Topical Questions; Women and Equality

Business Statement - Leader of the House

Topical Debate - Subject to be announced

Deb - Swine influenza

Adj - Future of the under ten metre fishing fleet



Foreign Affairs

Oral Questions

Deb - Government's policies on the wellbeing of children and families

Deb - Opportunities for UK tourism's growth and greater contribution to all parts of the economy

Short Debate - Formal recognition for men and women of Bomber Command

Short Debate - Benefits of Segway Transporters (Grand Committee Moses Room)

Short Debate - Public consultations by Government departments (Grand Committee Moses Room)

EU Sub-Committee G: Social Policy and Consumer Affairs

EU Sub-Committee C: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development Policy


15 May

Private Members Bills

Adj - Government policy on reported violence and police corruption in Brazilian cities



The House will not be sitting


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Prepared 9 May 2009