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Weekly Information Bulletin: 13th June 2009

House of Lords Committees:
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15 - 19 June 2009

Further enquiries about Lords Committees can be made to the Lords Committee Office: 020 7219 2940

Monday 15 June


Tuesday 16 June

Science and Technology: Sub-Committee I
Subject: Nanotechnologies and Food
Witnesses: Dr John Wand, EPSRC; Dr Declan Mulkeen, MRC; Professor Peter Fryer, BBSRC; and Dr Amanda Collis, BBSRC; Mr Trevor Maynard, Lloyds Corporation; Mr Peter Hatto, British Standards Institute; and Professor Richard Owen, University of Westminster


Wednesday 17 June

Joint Committee on the Draft Bribery Bill
Witnesses: Jack Straw, Secretary of State, Anti-Corruption Champion, Ministry of Justice.


Subject: The British Film and Television Industries.
Witnesses: Tbc.

EU Sub-Committee D: Environment and Agriculture
Subject: The Revision of the EU Directive on the Protection of Animals used for Scientific Purposes
Witnesses: Representatives of the RSPCA.

Subject: Cabinet Office and the Centre of Government
Witnesses: Lord Burns, former Permanent Secretary, HM Treasury (1991-98); Sir Richard Mottram, former departmental Permanent Secretary and senior official at the Cabinet Office (1992-2007); Lord Lipsey; Lord McNally; and Lord Donoughue.

Barnett Formula
Witnesses: Mr. Liam Byrne MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury

Thursday 18 June

EU Sub-Committee C: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development Policy
Subject: EU and China
Witnesses: Lord Mandelson, First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Lord President of the Council.


Friday 19 June


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