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Weekly Information Bulletin: 13th June 2009

Select Committees:
Publications received since the last Bulletin

All publications are available from The Stationery Office. Contact details are shown on the back cover of this Bulletin.

HC numbers refer to House of Commons papers session 2008-09 unless otherwise stated.

Cm numbers refer to papers in the Command series.

HLP numbers refer to House of Lords papers.

Select Committee Reports (Section B) are available on the parliamentary website.

NAO & NIAO Reports are the forerunner of Public Accounts Committee inquiries.

(A) Select Committee Evidence

Date Received
Committee Subject Witnesses
Date Heard Paper No and ISBN Price
11.6 Communities and Local Government
Local authority investments
Oral and written evidence
Various Witnesses Various dates HC 164-II
0215 530684
11.6 Home Affairs
Settlement Rights of the Gurkhas
Oral and written evidence
Phil Woolas MP
Kevan Jones MP
Lin Homer
John Pitt-brooke
Joanna Lumley
Madan Gurung
5.5.09 HC 495-i
0215 530752
10.6 Home Affairs Violent Crime and Drugs
Oral evidence
Reverend Jesse Jackson 25.3.09 HC 382
0215 530745
Public Administration
Official Statistics: Publication of Migration and Workforce Statistics
Mr Phil Woolas MP
Mr Jonathan Sedgwick
Ms Karen Dunnell
Lord Rowe-Beddoe
Mr Richard Alldritt
26.3.09 HC 387-i
0215 530646
Public Administration
Operation of the Honours System
Oral and written evidence
Dame Alexandra Burslem
Sir John Parker
Dame Steve Shirley
Denis Brennan
23.4.09 HC 386-i
0215 530677

(B) Select Committee Reports

Date Received
Committee Details of Original Report
HC Paper and ISBN

11.6 Communities and Local Government
7th, Local authority investments HC 164-I
0215 5309660
10.6 Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
3rd, Energy efficiency and fuel poverty HC 37
0215 530622
9.6 Public Accounts 26th, Management of tax debt HC 216
0215 530639
11.6 Public Accounts 27th , Building Schools for the Future; renewing the secondary school estate
HC 274
0215 530714

(C) Government Responses to Select Committee Reports

Date Received
Committee Details of Original Report
HC Paper or Cm No of response

8.6 Environmental Audit
Pre-Budget Report 2008: Green fiscal policy in a recession [HC 202] HC 563
0215 530691
8.6 International Development DFID and China [HC 180-I] HC 535
0215 530707

(D) National Audit Office (NAO): Northern Ireland Audit Office (NIAO)

Date Received
Paper No and ISBN Price
8.6.09 Department for Transport: The failure of Metronet
HC 512 14.35
11.6.09 Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections in Hospitals in England HC 560
010 2955040

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