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Weekly Information Bulletin: 20th June 2009
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The Week Ahead:
22 - 26 June 2009

Date Commons Chamber General Committees Select Committees Lords Chamber Lords Select Committees

22 June

The House will meet to elect a Speaker



Oral Questions

Leg - Policing and Crime Bill - Committee
(day 1)

Short Debate - Screening for mouth cancer

EU Sub-Committee B: Internal Market


23 June

OPQ - Health, including Topical Questions

TMRB - Local Employment Bill

Leg - Marine and Coastal Access Bill [HL] - Second reading

Adj - Redevelopment of Edgbaston Cricket Ground

PBC - Health Bill [HL]

PBC - Finance Bill

PBC - Equality Bill

1st DLC - Draft Environmental Permitting...Regulations 2009

2nd DLC - Draft Child Support Collection and Enforcement...Regulations 2009

3rd DLC - Draft European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere...Order 2009

4th DLC - Draft Limited Liability Partnerships...Regulations 2009

5th DLC - Draft Transfer...Consumer Credit Appeals Tribunal Order 2009, Draft Transfer...(Estate Agents Appeals...) Order 2009 & Draft Transfer...(Transport Tribunal and Appeal Panel) Order 2009

6th DLC - Draft Armed Forces ...Regulations 2009, Draft Army, Air Force and Naval Discipline Acts..Order 2009

Speaker's Conference

Environmental Audit

International Development

Welsh Affairs

Home Affairs



Oral Questions

Leg - Coroners and Justice Bill Committee
(day 3)

Orders and Regulations - Draft Terrorism Act 2006 (Disapplication of Section 25) Order 2009 - Motion to approve



24 June

OPQ - International Development; Prime Minister

Deb - Opposition Day (14th allotted) - Iraq Inquiry

Adj - Protection from assault for taxi drivers

PBC - Statutory Redundancy Pay (Amendment) Bill

PBC - Green Energy (Definition and Promotion) Bill

7th DLC - Draft Crime (International Co-operation) Act 2003... Order 2009

8th DLC - Draft Companies House Trading Fund...Order 2009

9th DLC - Draft Transfer of Function of the Charity Tribunal Order 2009

Work and Pensions

Children, Schools and Families



Northern Ireland Affairs

Joint Committee on Human Rights

Public Accounts

Oral Questions

Leg - Politics Parties and Elections Bill - Third reading

Leg - Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Bill - Committee stage (day 2)



EU Sub-Committee D: Environment and Agriculture

Joint Committee on Human Rights

EU Sub-Committee E: Law and Institutions


25 June

OPQ - Transport, including Topical Questions; Women & Equality

Business Statement - Leader of the House

Motions - The House will be asked to approve various motions, including the establishment of a London Regional Committee and Regional Grand Committees; a motion relating to Members Pensions; and motions relating to Select Committees

Adj - Preservation of traditional crafts

PBC - Health Bill [HL]

PBC - Finance Bill

PBC - Equality Bill

Joint Committee on Draft Bribery Bill

Welsh Affairs


Public Administration

Oral Questions

Deb - The National Dementia Strategy

Deb - Role of the NHS

Deb - European Union Committee report "EUROPOL: coordinating the fight against serious and organised crime"

Joint Committee on the Draft Bribery Bill

EU Sub-Committee C: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development Policy


26 June

Private Members' Bills

Adj - MP3 players and hearing loss



The House will not be sitting


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Prepared 20 June 2009