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Weekly Information Bulletin: 20th June 2009

General Committees

General Committee debates are available to view on the Parliament website.

Public Bill Committee debates.

Other General Committee debates.

For further information on General Committees see HCIO Factsheet L6 produced by the House of Commons Information Office, available in hardcopy on request or to download from the Parliament website.

Current Public Bill Committees, details of membership


Status Membership
Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Bill (G) Reported Issue 9
Autism Bill (B1) Reported Issue 15
Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill [HL] (G) Reported Issue 20; Issue 21
Business Rate Supplements Bill (G) Reported Issue 4
Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies and Credit Unions Bill (B6) Reported Issue 19; Issue 20
Coroners and Justice Bill (G) Reported Issue 6
Damages (Asbestos-Related Conditions) Bill (P) tba tba
Driving Instruction (Suspension and Exemption Powers)
Bill (P)
tba Issue 21
Equality Bill (G) 7.7.2009 Issue 18; Issue 19; Issue 21; This issue
Finance Bill (G) tba Issue 18; Issue 19; Issue 21; This issue
Green Energy (Definition and Promotion) Bill (B7) tba This issue
Health Bill [HL] (G) 25.6.2009 Issue 21
Holocaust (Stolen Art) Restitution Bill (P) Reported Issue 19; Issue 20
Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill [HL] (G) Reported Issue 20; Issue 21
Policing and Crime Bill (G) Reported Issue 5
Saving Gateway Accounts Bill (G) Reported Issue 5
Statutory Redundancy Pay (Amendment) Bill (B3) tba Issue 19; This issue
Welfare Reform Bill (G) Reported Issue 6
Joint Committee on Tax law Rewrite Bills

Corporation Tax Bill (G) Reported Issue 4

Dates in italics denote expected reporting date of Public Bill Committee as stated in the Programme Motion if made


Equality Bill

Mrs Sharon Hodgson discharged; Ms Diane Abbott nominated in substitution

Statutory Redundancy Pay (Amendment) Bill

Chairmen: Mr Bill Olner

Mr Pat McFadden discharged; Ian Lucas nominated in substitution

Finance Bill

Kitty Ussher discharged and Sarah McCarthy-Fry nominated in substitution.

Green Energy (Definition and Promotion) Bill

Chairman: Dr William McCrea

Mr Peter Ainsworth Colin Challen Mr Andrew Dismore Mr David Drew
Charles Hendry Martin Horwood David Howarth Mr Lindsay Hoyle
Mr Nick Hurd Mike Penning Joan Ruddock Alan Simpson
Emily Thornberry Joan Walley Dr Alan Whitehead Bill Wiggin

General Committee Meetings
15 - 19 June 2009

Monday 15 June

1st DLC     Draft Companies Act 2006 (Accounts, Report and Audit) Regulations 2009     

Tuesday 16 June

PBC     Health Bill [HL] (1st & 2nd sittings; Clauses 1-7 agreed)     
PBC     Finance Bill (11th & 12th sittings; Clauses 57-59, 61-69 & Schedules 29-34 agreed; Clauses 60 & 70     

agreed on division)

PBC     Equality Bill (7th & 8th sittings; Clauses 6-15, 18 & Schedule 1 agreed; Clauses 16-17 agreed as     


PBC     Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill [HL] (5th & 6th sittings; Clauses 72, 83, 84 agreed; Clauses 67-71, 73-79 & 81-82 agreed on division)     
PBC     Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill [HL] (5th & 6th sittings; Clauses 48-50, 52-54, 56-58 & Schedules 1 agreed; Clauses 59-61 agreed as amended)     
EC A     Genetically Modified Maize (Unnumbered Explanatory Memorandum dated 6 May 2009)     
2nd DLC     Draft Work and Families (Increase of Maximum Amount) Order 2009     

Wednesday 17 June

PBC     Driving Instruction (Suspension and Exemption Powers) Bill (1st Sitting, Clauses 4-7 agreed; Clauses 1-3 and Schedules 1-2 agreed as amended)     

Thursday 18 June

PBC     Health Bill [HL] (3rd & 4th sittings; Clauses 8-10 agreed)     
PBC     Finance Bill (13th & 14th sittings; Clauses 35-39, 41-45, 72-90 agreed; Clauses 40 agreed as amended)     
PBC     Equality Bill (9th & 10th sittings; Clauses 19-25, 27-37 and Schedules 2, 3 & 5 agreed; Clause 26 & Schedule 4 agreed as amended)     
PBC     Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill [HL] (7th & 8th sittings; Clauses 85-132, 134-145 & Schedule 6-7 agreed; Clause 146 agreed as amended)     
PBC     Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill [HL]     
4th DLC     Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) Order 2009 (S.I., 2009, No. 1342)     

Friday 19 June


Forthcoming General Committee Meetings
22 - 26 June 2009

Monday 22 June


Tuesday 23 June

PBC     Finance Bill, 10.30am & 4.30pm, Room 10     
PBC     Equality Bill, 10.30am & 4.00pm, Room 12     
PBC     Health Bill [HL], 10.30am & 4.00pm, Room 14     
1st DLC     Draft Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2009, 10.30am,     

Room 9

2nd DLC     Draft Child Support Collection and Enforcement (Deduction Orders) (Amendment) Regulations 2009, 10.30am, Room 11     
3rd DLC     Draft European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere (Immunities and Privileges) Order 2009, 10.30am, Room 16     
4th DLC     Draft Limited Liability Partnerships (Application of Companies Act 2006) Regulations 2009, 4.30pm, Room 9     
5th DLC     Draft Transfer of Functions of the Consumer Credit Appeals Tribunal Order 2009, the Draft Transfer of Functions (Estate Agents Appeals and Additional Schedule Tribunal) Order 2009 and the Draft Transfer of Functions (Transport Tribunal and Appeal Panel) Order 2009, 4.30pm, Room 11     
6th DLC     Draft Armed Forces (Enlistment) Regulations 2009, the Draft Armed Forces (Part 5 of the Armed Forces Act 2006) Regulations 2009 and the Draft Armed Forces, Army, Air Force and Naval Discipline Acts (Continuations) Order 2009, 4.30pm, Room 6     

Wednesday 24 June

PBC     Statutory Redundancy Pay (Amendment) Bill, 9.30am, Room 11     
PBC     Green Energy (Definition and Promotion) Bill, 2.30pm, Room 9     
7th DLC     Draft Crime (International Co-operation) Act 2003 (Designation of Participating Countries) (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) (No.2) Order 2009, 2.30pm, Room 10     
8th DLC     Draft Companies House Trading Fund (Amendment) Order 2009, 2.30pm, Room 12     
9th DLC     Draft Transfer of Function of the Charity Tribunal Order 2009, 2.30pm, Room 11     

Thursday 25 June

PBC     Finance Bill, 9.00am & 1.00pm, Room 10     
PBC     Equality Bill, 9.00am & 1.00pm, Room 12     
PBC     Health Bill [HL], 9.30am & 1.00pm, Room 14     

Friday 26 June


Please note. This list is correct as at press (12 noon Friday).

The time and location of general committee meetings may be changed at short notice.

Further enquiries may be made to the Committee Office general enquiry lines, Tel. 020 7219 3267/4300/0284

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