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given on


Wednesday 10 February 2010


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831-55 and 905


Consideration of Bill


Children, Schools and Families Bill, As Amended


Amendments of provisions about complaints in ASCLA 2009


Secretary Ed Balls




To move the following Clause:—



In Part 10 of ASCLA 2009 (schools), Chapter 2 (complaints: England) is


amended as follows.



In section 207 (power of Local Commissioner to investigate complaint), in


subsection (5)(b) (power not to investigate vexatious complaint), before


“vexatious” there is inserted “frivolous or”.



In section 216 (law of defamation)—



in subsection (1)(a), after “a governing body” there is inserted “or head





in subsection (2)(a), after “the governing body” there is inserted “or head




Secretary Ed Balls




Page  2,  line  34  [Clause  1],  at end insert—


‘( )    

No liability in tort can arise on the basis of the inclusion of any matter in the pupil


guarantee or the parent guarantee.’.


Secretary Ed Balls




Page  11,  line  40  [Clause  9],  leave out from ‘(3AA),’ to end of line 41 and insert


‘education on such part-time basis as the authority consider to be in the child’s best




Notices of Amendments: 10 February 2010                  



Children, Schools and Families Bill, continued


Secretary Ed Balls




Page  12,  line  3  [Clause  9],  leave out ‘be impracticable or otherwise inappropriate’


and insert ‘not be in the child’s best interests’.


Secretary Ed Balls




Page  14,  line  6  [Clause  11],  at end insert—



Subsections (4) to (7) are not to be read as preventing the governing body or head


teacher of a school within subsection (7B) from causing or allowing PSHE to be


taught in a way that reflects the school’s religious character.



A school is within this subsection if it is designated as a school having a religious


character by an order made by the Secretary of State under section 69(3) of the


School Standards and Framework Act 1998.’.


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