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Clause 1: General duties of OFCOM

Clause 2: OFCOM reports on infrastructure, internet domain names etc.

Clause 3: OFCOM reports on media content

Topic 2: Online infringement of copyright

Clause 4: Obligation to notify subscribers of reported infringements

Clause 5: Obligation to provide infringement lists to copyright owners

Clause 6: Approval of code about the initial obligations

Clause 7: Initial obligations code by OFCOM in the absence of an approved code

Clause 8: Contents of the initial obligations code

Clause 9: Progress reports

Clause 10: Obligations to limit internet access: assessment and preparation

Clause 11: Obligations to limit internet access

Clause 12: Code by OFCOM about obligations to limit internet access

Clause 13: Contents of code about obligations to limit internet access

Clause 14: Subscriber appeals

Clause 15: Enforcement of obligations

Clause 16: Sharing of costs

Topic 3: Powers in relation to internet domain names

Clause 19: Powers in relation to internet domain registries

Clause 20: Appointment of manager of internet domain registry

Clause 21: Application to court to alter constitution of internet domain registry

Topic 4: Channel 4 Television Corporation

Clause 22: Functions of C4C in relation to media content

Clause 23: Monitoring and enforcing C4C’s media content duties

Topic 5: Independent television services

Clause 24: Determination of Channel 3 licence areas

Clause 25: Initial expiry date for Channel 3 and 5 and public teletext licences

Clause 27: Report by OFCOM on public teletext service

Clause 28: Power to remove OFCOM’s duty to secure provision of public teletext service

Clause 29: Appointed providers of regional or local news

Clause 30: Broadcasting of programmes in Gaelic

Topic 6: Independent radio services

Clause 31: Digital switchover

Clause 32: Renewal of national radio licences

Clause 35: Content and character of local sound broadcasting services

Clause 37: Renewal of radio multiplex licences

Topic 7: Regulation of television and radio services

Topic 8: Access to electromagnetic spectrum

Clause 39: Payment for licences

Clause 40: Enforcement of licence terms etc

Topic 9: Video Recordings

Clause 41: Classification of video games, etc

Clause 42: Designated authority for video games

Schedule 1: Classification of video games etc - supplementary provision

Topic 10: Copyright and performers’ property rights: licensing and penalties

Clause 44: Increase of penalties relating to infringing articles or illicit recordings

Schedule 2: Licensing of copyright and performers’ property rights

Topic 11: Public Lending Right

Clause 45: Public lending right

General clauses

Clause 47: Repeals

Clause 48: Extent




Topic 1: General duties of OFCOM

Topic 2: Online infringement of copyright (clauses 4-18)

Additional technical measures

Preventing access to specified online locations

Topic 3: Power in relation to domain name registries (clauses 19 - 21)

Topic 7: Regulation of television and radio services

Topic 8: Access to electromagnetic spectrum

Topic 9: Provisions in relation to video games classification (clauses 41 and 42 and Schedule 1)

Appeals from classification decisions


Enforcement of classification provisions

Topic 10: Copyright licensing (clauses 43 and 44 and Schedule 2)

Extended licensing

The regulation of licensing bodies and bodies that are authorised to use and license the use of orphan works or rights

Imposition of penalties

Topic 11: Provisions in relation to Public Lending Right (clause 45)



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