Oral Answers

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Communities and Local Government657
Affordable Housing (London)663
Business Rate Revaluation657
Garden Development659
Green Belt670
Home Information Packs667
Housing Stock664
Interfaith Projects662
Local Government Decision Making671
New Build (Migrants)661
Social Housing (Security of Tenure)669
Sustainable Communities665
Topical Questions672
Waste Treatment Plants670

Written Ministerial Statements

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Cabinet Office47WS
Advance from the Contingencies Fund47WS
Basra Memorial Wall Dedication Ceremony47WS
Energy and Climate Change48WS
Electricity Transmission (Correction)48WS
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs48WS
Agriculture and Fisheries Council (18 January)48WS
Home Department49WS
Hillsborough Independent Panel49WS
Threat Level Update49WS
Work and Pensions50WS
National Employment Savings Trust Corporation50WS

Written Answers

Tuesday 26 January 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills846W
Business Links846W
Communication Service Providers846W
Companies House: Expenditure846W
Departmental Internet847W
Departmental Public Expenditure847W
Employment: Young People848W
Higher Education: Admissions848W
Higher Education: Chelmsford848W
Restaurants: Hampshire849W
Science and Technology Facilities Council849W
Students: Finance850W
Cabinet Office825W
Central Office of Information: Expenditure825W
Communications Electronic Security Group825W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Kent825W
National Income: Portsmouth826W
Children, Schools and Families842W
Children: Carers842W
Children's Play: Devon842W
Class Sizes: Sussex843W
Class Sizes: Torbay843W
Pre-school Education: Finance843W
Pupils: Bullying844W
School Leaving: Expenditure844W
Specialised Diplomas: Yorkshire and the Humber845W
Supervised Homes845W
Church Commissioners716W
Churches: Repairs and Maintenance716W
Religious Buildings: Finance717W
Communities and Local Government765W
Audit Commission: Public Relations767W
Business Rate Revaluation766W
Children in Care: Planning Permission768W
Connecting Communities767W
Council Tax Rebanding766W
Departmental Carbon Emissions768W
Departmental Drinking Water769W
Departmental Internet769W
Departmental Reorganisation769W
Departmental Written Questions769W
Economic Regeneration: North West766W
Floods: Cumbria770W
Home Information Packs766W
Housing: Lone Parents770W
Housing Pledge765W
Local Government and Fire Services: Pensions770W
Local Government: Reorganisation771W
North West Bicester Eco-town767W
Regeneration: Rural Areas771W
Repossession Orders: South East772W
Snow and Ice772W
Social Rented Housing: South-East772W
Supported Housing773W
Culture, Media and Sport774W
Arts Council for England: Expenditure774W
Cultural Heritage: Shipping774W
Departmental Disclosure of Information775W
Departmental Manpower775W
Departmental Public Relations776W
Digital Broadcasting: Scotland777W
Official Hospitality777W
Snow and Ice778W
Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations790W
Air Force: Training790W
Armed Forces: Divorce791W
Armed Forces: Housing792W
Chinook Helicopters795W
Departmental Manpower795W
Departmental Mobile Phones795W
Departmental Pay796W
Haiti: Military Aid796W
Help for Heroes797W
Milngavie Reservoir: Security797W
Ministry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency: RAF Welford797W
Ministry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency: Training798W
Navy: Greenock798W
RAF Kinloss800W
RAF Lossiemouth801W
RAF Menwith Hill802W
USA: Military Alliances802W
Energy and Climate Change823W
Departmental Carbon Emissions823W
Departmental Information Officers824W
Nuclear Power: Security824W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs735W
Animals: Licensing735W
Dangerous Dogs735W
Departmental Electronic Equipment736W
Departmental Fines736W
Domestic Waste737W
Fish Catches737W
Flood Control: Finance738W
Food: Conservation740W
Food: Production740W
Genetically Modified Organisms: Animal Feed742W
Hares: Conservation742W
Livestock: Waste Disposal742W
Monuments: Conservation743W
Monuments: Vandalism743W
River Dee: Salmon744W
Special Areas of Conservation: Cumbria745W
Supermarkets: Waste Disposal746W
Tuna: Conservation746W
Water Charges: Voluntary Organisations747W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office827W
Afghanistan: Peacekeeping Operations827W
Afghanistan: Women828W
Ahmed Mahmoud Haddi828W
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Travel Information829W
China: Human Rights829W
China: International Broadcasting829W
Cyprus: Community Relations830W
Cyprus: Peacekeeping Operations830W
Cyprus: Politics and Government830W
Cyprus: Property831W
Departmental Drinking Water831W
Departmental Internet832W
Departmental Manpower832W
Departmental Public Expenditure833W
Departmental Training834W
Diplomatic Service834W
Diplomatic Service: Pay835W
European Council836W
Hornby System836W
Indonesia: Falun Gong836W
Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Bill836W
Lebanon: Foreign Relations837W
Members: Correspondence837W
Official Visits837W
Palestinians: International Assistance838W
Pirates: Hostages838W
Polisario Front839W
Somalia: Piracy839W
Soviet Union of Funds839W
Sri Lanka: Elections839W
Sudan: Peace Negotiations840W
Sudan: Politics and Government840W
Syrian Arab Republic: Foreign Relations841W
Western Sahara841W
Western Sahara: Human Rights841W
Accident and Emergency Departments: Crimes of Violence778W
Ambulance Services: Snow and Ice778W
Cardiovascular System: Screening778W
Departmental Public Expenditure779W
Drugs: Misuse780W
Health: Screening783W
Health Services: Reciprocal Arrangements782W
Life Expectancy783W
Livestock: Disease Control784W
Mental Health Services: Birmingham784W
Neurology: Children785W
NHS: Accountancy785W
NHS: Contracts785W
NHS: Ministers of Religion786W
Obesity: Children786W
Perinatal Mortality788W
Social Services: Vulnerable Adults788W
Swine Flu: Drugs788W
Swine Flu: Vaccination788W
Transplant Surgery789W
Written Questions: Government Responses790W
Home Department804W
Antisocial Behaviour: Birmingham804W
Departmental Advertising805W
Detection Rates: Birmingham806W
DNA: Databases806W
Driving Offences: Fines807W
Driving Under Influence808W
Drugs: Crime813W
Drugs: Rehabilitation813W
Fly Tipping: Greater London816W
Identity Cards816W
National Identity Register817W
National Mobile Phone Crime Unit818W
Passports: Biometrics819W
Passports: Fingerprints819W
Police: Birmingham820W
Police: Manpower819W
Sex Establishments821W
Stop and Search: Greater London822W
Terrorism: Stop and Search822W
House of Commons Commission713W
International Development803W
Departmental Public Expenditure803W
Haiti: Earthquakes803W
Non-Governmental Organisations: Finance803W
Convictions: Video Recordings Act 1984718W
Coroners: Northern Ireland721W
Criminal Injuries Compensation Act 1995722W
Custodial Treatment722W
Cycling: Fines722W
Departmental Disclosure of Information724W
Driving Offences726W
Driving Offences: Birmingham727W
Healthy Relationships programme718W
Monarchy: Succession729W
National Offender Management Service: Manpower729W
Office for Legal Complaints729W
Prison: Programmes and Courses731W
Prison Service and Probation Service730W
Prisoners Release732W
Prisons: Budgets733W
Probation Service: Disabled733W
Public Sector: Disclosure of Information734W
Royal Family: Wills735W
Working Group on Libel Law Review735W
Olympic Games 2012: Human Trafficking713W
Crown Prosecution Service715W
Crown Prosecution Service: Pay716W
Dynamic Decisions Capital Management716W
Aviation: Security748W
Bus Services: Concessions748W
Departmental Public Expenditure749W
Driving: Licenses751W
Driving Offences: Closed Circuit Television750W
Driving Offences: Crime Prevention751W
First Capital Connect: Industrial Disputes752W
Heathrow Airport: Railways752W
Ice and Snow: Merseyside752W
Parking Offences: Automatic Number Plate Recognition753W
Railways: Snow and Ice753W
Regional Planning and Development: Transport754W
Roads: Accidents755W
Roads: Lighting755W
Roads: Snow and Ice756W
Transport: Weston-super-Mare757W
Underground Railways: Contracts758W
Bradford and Bingley850W
Child Care Vouchers850W
Coinage: Forgery851W
Departmental Buildings851W
Departmental Pay851W
Financial Services Compensation Scheme852W
Insolvency: Fees and Charges852W
Microgeneration: Finance852W
National Income852W
Revenue and Customs: Powers of Entry853W
Revenue and Customs: Scotland853W
Smuggling: Northern Ireland854W
Stamp Duty Land Tax854W
Women and Equality823W
Departmental Advertising823W
Departmental Pay823W
Equality: Local Government823W
Work and Pensions758W
Carer's Allowance758W
Cold Weather Payments759W
Departmental Internet759W
Jobseeker's Allowance760W
Jobseeker's Allowance: Morecambe761W
Maternity Benefits: Preston761W
Pathways to Work762W
Social Security Benefits764W
Social Security Benefits: Fraud763W
War Pensions: Council Tax765W

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