Written Ministerial Statement

Friday 29 January 2010

Foreign and Commonwealth Office67WS
European Union in 201067WS

Written Answers

Friday 29 January 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills1132W
Banks: Finance1132W
Business: Staffordshire1133W
Students: Grants1133W
Cabinet Office1140W
Departmental Correspondence1140W
Departmental Manpower1141W
Departmental Meetings1141W
Government Communications: Political Parties1141W
Power of Information Taskforce1142W
Third Sector: Cheques1142W
Children, Schools and Families1101W
Children: Poverty1101W
Children: Protection1102W
Children's Centres: Eltham1102W
Education Maintenance Allowance: Cornwall1103W
Extra-curricular Activities: South West1104W
Family Fund1105W
Members: Correspondence1106W
National Safeguarding Delivery Unit: Public Appointments1106W
Non-Formal Learning1107W
Social Services: Haringey1107W
Communities and Local Government1135W
Audit Commission: Internet1135W
Council Tax1136W
Departmental Disclosure of Information1136W
Departmental Manpower1136W
Departmental NDPBs1137W
Departmental Written Questions1138W
Doncaster Council1138W
Mortgages: Repossession Orders1138W
Non-domestic Rates1139W
Non-domestic Rates: Fines1139W
Non-domestic Rates: Garages and Petrol Stations1139W
Shops: Empty Property1140W
Southend Airport1140W
Travelling People: Caravan Sites1140W
Culture, Media and Sport1108W
Departmental Stationery1108W
Armed Forces: Bomb Disposal1116W
Armed Forces: Housing1116W
AWE Aldermaston1117W
Departmental Disclosure of Information1118W
Departmental ICT1118W
Departmental Public Expenditure1119W
Haiti: Earthquakes1119W
Military Aircraft: Procurement1120W
Navy: Deployment1120W
Radioactive Materials: Imports1121W
Written Questions: Government Responses1122W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs1125W
Horses: Animal Welfare1125W
Photography: Environment Agency1125W
Rodents: Sewers1126W
Sewers: Private Sector1126W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office1114W
Bosnia and Herzegovina1114W
Departmental Consultants1115W
Iraq: Oil1115W
Overseas Residence: Crime1115W
Alcoholic Drinks: Misuse1147W
Brain Aneurysms1147W
Cancer: Health Services1147W
Chlamydia: Screening1148W
Contraceptives: Health Education1148W
Departmental Written Questions1149W
Drugs: Misuse1150W
Eileen Trust1150W
Genito-urinary Medicine1150W
Health Services: Isle of Man1151W
Health Services: North East1152W
Health: Unemployment1151W
Health Visitors: Devon1152W
Hospitals: Admissions1152W
Hospitals: Greater London1153W
Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority1153W
Mental Health Services1155W
NHS: Finance1155W
Orthopaedics: Manpower1156W
Home Department1127W
Assaults on Police1128W
Asylum: Costs1128W
Borders: Personal Records1128W
Crime: Computers1128W
Departmental Carbon Emissions1129W
Driving Offences: Fines1129W
Members: Correspondence1129W
Offenders: Deportation1130W
Visas and Exclusion Orders: Ireland1132W
International Development1134W
Departmental Publications1134W
Human Trafficking1134W
Stabilisation Unit1135W
Departmental Written Questions1121W
Fines: Surcharges1122W
Offenders: Foreigners1123W
Prisons: Employment1123W
Prosecutions: Council Tax1123W
Snow and Ice1123W
Written Questions: Government Responses1125W
Leader of the House1101W
Departmental Written Questions1101W
Olympic Games 2012: ICT1108W
Prime Minister1126W
Departmental Written Questions1126W
President of the European Council1126W
WMD Intelligence Review Committee1127W
Roads: Snow and Ice1101W
Departmental Pay1114W
Bus Services1109W
Cycling: Helmets1109W
Departmental Manpower1110W
Motorways: Road Traffic1111W
Official Cars: Diesel Vehicles1111W
Railways: Fares1112W
Railways: Kent1112W
Rapid Transit Systems: Accidents1112W
Roads: Lighting1113W
Roads: Snow and Ice1113W
Banks: Iceland1142W
Civil Service: Location1143W
Departmental Written Questions1144W
Economic Situation: Portsmouth1144W
Excise Duties: Alcoholic Drinks1144W
Excise Duties: Beer1145W
Government Departments: Hotels1145W
Government Departments: Procurement1145W
Local Government: Pay1145W
Non-domestic Rates: Aerials1146W
Smuggling: Northern Ireland1146W
Valuation Office: Freedom of Information1146W
Work and Pensions1108W
Housing Benefit1108W
Mesothelioma: Death Certificates1109W

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