Written Ministerial Statements

Friday 5 February 2010

Quality Accounts34WS
Asset Purchase Facility (Contingent Liabilities)31WS
Terrorist Asset freezing31WS
Work and Pensions36WS
Informal Meeting of Employment and Social Policy Ministers36WS

Written Answers

Friday 5 February 2010

Business, Innovation and Skills588W
Anne Street Partners588W
Bearwood Holdings589W
Business: Government Assistance589W
Business: Wales591W
Business: Young People592W
Counterfeit Manufacturing: International Co-operation592W
Education Maintenance Allowance592W
Financial Services: Portsmouth593W
Higher Education: Free School Meals594W
Higher Education: Lincolnshire595W
Higher Education: Student Numbers595W
Snow and Ice: Milton Keynes596W
Students: Finance596W
Students: Romford597W
Cabinet Office600W
10 Downing Street: Shops600W
Central Office of Information: Marketing601W
Departmental Accountancy601W
Departmental Correspondence601W
Disclosure of Information: Home Office601W
Electoral Register: British Nationals Abroad602W
Government Communications602W
Government Communications: Public Relations602W
Government Departments: Private Detectives602W
Government Departments: Public Relations603W
Public Expenditure603W
Unemployment: Inverness603W
Children, Schools and Families604W
Families: Government Assistance604W
Higher Education: Admissions604W
Pupil Exclusions: Gloucestershire610W
Communities and Local Government623W
Audit Commission623W
Building Alterations628W
Council Housing: East Sussex629W
Council Housing: Rents629W
Council Tax630W
Councillors: Isle of Wight631W
Departmental Billing631W
Departmental Information Officers632W
Departmental Ministerial Policy Advisers632W
Departmental Public Consultation632W
Domestic Waste: Waste Disposal632W
Empty Property: Sussex633W
Fire Services633W
Fire Services: Yorkshire and the Humber634W
Government Offices for the Regions: Procurement634W
Holocaust Memorial Day634W
Housing: Coventry635W
Housing: South West635W
Local Government: Cornwall636W
Local Government Finance635W
Local Government: Fixed Penalties636W
Local Government: Norfolk636W
Local Government: Reorganisation637W
Local Government: Standards641W
Local Government: Suffolk642W
Multiple Occupation: Licensing642W
Muslim Council of Britain642W
Non-Domestic Rates: Empty Property643W
Non-domestic Rates: Garages and Petrol Stations643W
Planning Permission: Appeals645W
Property Development: Floods645W
Regeneration and Housing: South East646W
Regional Government646W
Regional Planning and Development: South West646W
Tenancy Deposit Schemes646W
Tenants Service Authority648W
Culture, Media and Sport537W
Departmental Accountancy537W
Departmental Recruitment538W
Digital Broadcasting: Scotland538W
Gambling: Licensing538W
Newspaper Press539W
Playing Fields: Coventry539W
Air Force: Deployment562W
Armed Forces: Health Services563W
Armed forces: Housing563W
Iraq and Afghanistan: Injuries564W
Military Aircraft: Helicopters564W
RAF Northolt565W
Rescue Services: Helicopters565W
Energy and Climate Change614W
Carbon Emissions614W
Electricity Generation615W
Energy: Conservation616W
Nuclear Power616W
Nuclear Power Stations: Leukaemia617W
Oil: Overseas Trade617W
Power Stations: EU Law618W
Radioactive Materials: Waste Management618W
Renewable Energy619W
Uranium: Mining619W
Warm Front Scheme620W
Wind Power: Noise620W
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs534W
Agriculture: Research534W
Departmental Billing536W
Foreign and Commonwealth Office553W
British Council553W
Departmental Billing554W
Departmental ICT554W
Departmental Information Officers555W
Departmental Manpower555W
Departmental Recruitment555W
European Council555W
Iraq: Peacekeeping Operations556W
Middle East: Armed Conflict556W
USA: Nuclear Weapons557W
War Crimes: Arrest Warrants558W
Cancer: Drugs558W
Drugs: Children In Care558W
Drugs: Testing558W
Health Protection Agency559W
Health Protection Agency: Finance559W
Health Protection Agency: Location559W
Health Protection Agency: Manpower559W
Health Services: Disabled560W
Hospital Beds560W
NHS: Finance561W
NHS: Standards562W
NHS Trusts: Registration561W
Nurses: Schools562W
Home Department572W
Antisocial Behaviour: Greater London572W
Asylum: Children574W
Borders: Personal Records573W
Case Resolution Directorate575W
Departmental Font Licensing576W
Departmental Housing576W
Departmental Pay576W
Departmental Public Consultation576W
Departmental Public Expenditure577W
Deportation: Offenders577W
Detention Centres: Mobile Telephones578W
DNA: Databases578W
Entry Clearances578W
Entry Clearances: Overseas Students579W
Human Trafficking579W
Immigrants: Somalia580W
Immigration: Children582W
Immigration Controls581W
Immigration: ICT583W
Members: Correspondence583W
Opinion Polls584W
Prisoners: Foreigners584W
Rape: Victim Support Schemes584W
Reoffenders: Greater London585W
Snow and Ice585W
Terrorism: Finance586W
Terrorism: Internet586W
UK Border Agency: Contracts587W
UK Border Agency: Travel587W
Workers Registration Scheme: North East588W
House of Commons Commission537W
Reprography: Paper537W
Corruption: Public Service540W
David Kelly Death Inquiry540W
Departmental Accountancy540W
Departmental Consultants541W
Departmental Manpower542W
Departmental Recruitment545W
Driving Offences: Fines546W
Freedom of Information546W
Knives: Sentencing548W
Land Registry551W
Youth Justice Board and Legal Services Commission: Sick Leave552W
Northern Ireland609W
Departmental Manpower609W
Driving Offences: Sentencing610W
Newspaper Licensing Agency612W
Sexual Offences: Sentencing612W
Prime Minister571W
Deputy Prime Minister571W
Epilepsy: Drugs571W
Iraq Committee of Inquiry571W
Northern Ireland571W
Parliamentary Private Secretaries572W
West Wing Writers572W
Departmental Billing536W
Departmental Manpower537W
M1: Road Traffic533W
Travel: Costs534W
Civil Servants: Location621W
Land: Valuation622W
Public Sector: Consultants622W
Revenue and Customs622W
Stamp Duty Land Tax622W
Tax Allowances622W
Tax Avoidance623W
Women and Equality599W
Departmental Communication599W
Departmental Conferences599W
Departmental Publications599W
Departmental Training600W
Departmental Written Questions600W
Work and Pensions566W
Cold Weather Payments566W
Departmental Consultants566W
Housing and Council Tax Benefit566W
Members: Correspondence567W
Nuclear Submarines: Safety567W
Pension Credit568W
Pension Credit: Derbyshire568W
Pension Credit: Yorkshire and the Humber568W
Poverty: Children569W
Winter Fuel Payments: Torbay569W
Winter Fuel Payments: Yorkshire and the Humber570W

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