Mr Nigel Dodds


Spoken material by date

Includes all oral questions, debate and Westminster Hall contributions from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

24 March 2010
Per Capita Expenditure
Presbyterian Mutual Society [Westminster Hall]
26 February 2010
Debt Relief (Developing Countries) Bill
Lisbon Treaty (Referendum) Bill
25 February 2010

Business of the House
9 February 2010

Electoral Registration
8 February 2010

Devolution (Northern Ireland)
16 December 2009

Child Support Agency [Westminster Hall]
Police Recruitment
10 December 2009

Benefits Uprating
Business of the House
Pensioner Poverty [Westminster Hall]
Points of Order
Roadside Litter
9 December 2009

King James Bible [Westminster Hall]
3 December 2009

Business of the House
European Affairs
Passenger Security
2 December 2009

Manufacturing Industry [Westminster Hall]
26 November 2009

Parliamentary Questions
The Economy and Business, Innovation and Skills