Mr Roger Godsiff


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

18 March 2010
Regeneration: West Midlands
25 February 2010

Public Libraries: Birmingham
23 February 2010
Learning Disability: Birmingham
22 February 2010
Companies: Birmingham
5 February 2010
DNA: Databases
28 January 2010
Death: Birmingham
Warm Front Scheme: Birmingham
27 January 2010
Extracurricular Activities: Birmingham
26 January 2010
Antisocial Behaviour: Birmingham
Children: Carers
Detection Rates: Birmingham
Driving Offences: Birmingham
Mental Health Services: Birmingham
Police: Birmingham
25 January 2010
Antisocial Behaviour Orders: Birmingham
British Bankers' Association: Finance
Burglary: Birmingham
Crime: Birmingham
Crimes of Violence: Birmingham
Drugs: Police Cautions
Gifted Children: Birmingham
Hospitals: Admissions
Licensed Premises: Birmingham
Physical Education: Birmingham
Roads: Birmingham
Television: Licensing
Winter Fuel Payments: Birmingham