Iain Wright


Written material by date

Includes all written questions and statements from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

8 April 2010
GCE A-level
Gifted Children
Specialised Diplomas
Sports: Primary Education
7 April 2010
GCSE and GCE A-level
Schools: Sports
Sixth Form Education: Torbay
Vocational Education
30 March 2010
Education Maintenance Allowance: York
Learning Disability
Mathematics: GCE A-Level
Young People: Unemployment
29 March 2010
Education: Birmingham
Educational Maintenance Allowance: City of York
Home Education
Sixth Form Education: Complaints
24 March 2010
Learning Disability
18 March 2010
Specialised Diplomas: Finance
17 March 2010
Further Education
Pupils: Learning Disability
Schools: Swimming
September Guarantee
15 March 2010
Education Maintenance Allowance
12 March 2010
Young People's Learning Agency
8 March 2010
Pearson Group
4 March 2010
Sports: Primary Education
2 March 2010
Schools: Vocational Guidance
Written Questions: Government Responses
25 February 2010
EU Education Council [Statement]
Schools: Vocational Guidance
24 February 2010
Education Maintenance Allowance
23 February 2010
Education Maintenance Allowance: Hemsworth
Joint Advisory Committee for Qualifications Approval [Statement]
22 February 2010
Education Maintenance Allowance
Schools: Playing Fields
Schools: Sports
Young People: Training
Young People: Unemployment
8 February 2010
Sports: Finance
4 February 2010
Students: Finance
Vocational Education: South West
2 February 2010
Education Maintenance Allowance
GCE A-Level
29 January 2010
Education Maintenance Allowance: Cornwall
26 January 2010
School Leaving: Expenditure
Specialised Diplomas: Yorkshire and the Humber
21 January 2010
Higher Education: Children in Care
20 January 2010
School Leaving
Young People: Unemployment
18 January 2010
Free School Meals
13 January 2010
Education Maintenance Allowance: Barnsley
Further Education: Finance
Unemployment: Leeds
Vocational Training: Young People
Young People: Milton Keynes
11 January 2010
Education Maintenance Allowance: Yorkshire and the Humber
Entry to Employment Programme
Students: Grants
7 January 2010
BTEC Diplomas
Education Maintenance Allowance
Engagement Programme Funding
5 January 2010
Education: Assessments
16 December 2009
Departmental Travel
15 December 2009
Specialised Diplomas: Rural Areas
14 December 2009
Playing Fields: Schools
9 December 2009
Unemployment: Milton Keynes
3 December 2009
Educational Attainment: Children in Care
Teenage Pregnancy: Education
2 December 2009
Departmental Temporary Employment
1 December 2009
Further Education: Enfield
Specialised Diplomas: Enfield
Specialised Diplomas: South Yorkshire
30 November 2009
Educational Attainment: One-parent Families
Schools: Sports
25 November 2009
Schools: Sports