Andrew Pelling


Spoken material by date

Includes all oral questions, debate and Westminster Hall contributions from this MP during the current session (most recent first).

8 April 2010
Housing (Energy Efficiency)
Housing (Energy Efficiency)
Topical Questions
Topical Questions
7 April 2010
Immigration Removal Centres (Contraband)
Iraq (Humanitarian Aid) [Westminster Hall]
6 April 2010

Cosmetics Testing on Animals
Size Zero Models
30 March 2010

Asylum Screening (Croydon)
Bus Routes (Croydon)
Crystal Palace FC
Diabetes Services (Croydon)
GPs (Croydon)
Housing (Croydon)
Incinerator (Croydon)
Parliamentary Reform
Public Sector Employment (Croydon)
Tamil People (Sri Lanka)
29 March 2010

Central Parade (New Addington, Croydon)
Featherbed Lane Pinch Point (Croydon)
Mayday Hospital A&E (Croydon)
Night Buses (New Addington, Croydon)
Pear Tree Farm (Croydon)
Policing (Croydon)
Potholes (New Addington, Croydon)
Traffic (Orchard Avenue, Croydon)
Traffic (The Glade, Croydon)
Tram Overcrowding (Croydon)
25 March 2010

Business of the House
Food Wastage
24 March 2010

Anti-Social Behaviour (Croydon)
East Croydon Station
EU Referendum
Freedom Pass (Croydon)
Human Trafficking
Kurds (Human Rights)
Queen's Diamond Jubilee [Westminster Hall]
Rail Capacity (Croydon)
Shirley Hills Viewpoint (Croydon)
Traffic Accidents (Addiscombe, Croydon)
Traffic Accidents (Coombe Lane, Croydon)
18 March 2010

Business of the House
17 March 2010

London Hospitals [Westminster Hall]
12 March 2010

Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies and Credit Unions Bill [Lords]
11 March 2010

Joint Venture Property Investments
Minster Status
10 March 2010

International Financial Transactions (Tax) [Westminster Hall]
Repatriation of Historical Objects [Westminster Hall]
9 March 2010

Health Care in London
4 March 2010

Queen's Diamond Jubilee
3 March 2010

Land Registry Office (Peterborough) [Westminster Hall]
2 March 2010

NHS Expenditure (Reduction) [Westminster Hall]
1 March 2010

Extra Gritting (NHS Savings)
Media Images (Women)
25 February 2010

Business of the House
University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit
24 February 2010

Intellectual Property (Statutory Protection)
South-East London Transport [Westminster Hall]
Spinal Cord Injuries (Physiotherapy)
23 February 2010

British Pubs [Westminster Hall]
Islamic Burial Space
Pensioner Poverty [Westminster Hall]
22 February 2010

Report from the House of Commons Reform Committee on Rebuilding the House
10 February 2010

Professional Football (Regulation) [Westminster Hall]
Revitalising Parliament [Westminster Hall]
9 February 2010

Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill
Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill (Money) (No. 3)
Croydon Land Registry Office
Out-of-Hours GP Services
Sunbeds (Regulation) Bill [Money]
8 February 2010

Devolution (Northern Ireland)
5 February 2010

Rail Services (Sydenham Corridor)
4 February 2010

Business of the House
Sustainable Fisheries
Topical Questions
3 February 2010

First Capital Connect [Westminster Hall]
Local Government Finance
2 February 2010

Population and Immigration [Westminster Hall]
Thameslink [Westminster Hall]
28 January 2010

Business of the House
Holocaust Memorial Day
Tramlink (Crystal Palace)
26 January 2010

Topical Questions
25 January 2010

Topical Questions
21 January 2010

Business of the House
Exchange Rate Movements (FCO)
Food Industry Competitiveness
Violence Against Women [Westminster Hall]
Youth Matters (Expenditure)
20 January 2010

Ex Parte Applications (Family Courts)
Fiscal Responsibility Bill
Leeds (UK Economy) [Westminster Hall]
18 January 2010

Crime and Security Bill
Crystal Palace
Topical Questions
14 January 2010

Business of the House
13 January 2010

Energy Security
Local Newspapers [Westminster Hall]
Scottish Culture
Sovereignty of Parliament
12 January 2010

Kurdistan [Westminster Hall]
Topical Questions
11 January 2010

Media Images (Women and Girls)
7 January 2010

Business of the House
Copenhagen Conference
Pre-Budget Report
Salt Reserves
6 January 2010

Election of the Deputy Speakers
Faith Buildings
Road Accidents
Sittings of the House
5 January 2010

Aviation and Border Security
Copenhagen Climate Change Conference
Fiscal Responsibility Bill
Land Registry (Croydon)
Queen's Diamond Jubilee
16 December 2009

Christmas Adjournment
14 December 2009

Personal Care at Home Bill
Regional Select Committee (London)
Topical Questions
UK Border Agency
10 December 2009

Business of the House
Central and Local Government
9 December 2009

Pre-Budget Report
8 December 2009

Badman Report (Croydon Central)
Local Government Finances
7 December 2009

Energy Bill
3 December 2009

Business of the House
European Affairs
Human Trafficking
1 December 2009

Topical Questions
30 November 2009

Afghanistan and Pakistan
Financial Services Bill
Hospital Trusts (Essex)
Points of Order
Topical Questions
26 November 2009

Christian Minorities Abroad
Points of Order
The Economy and Business, Innovation and Skills
25 November 2009

Indemnity to Bank of England
Scotland's Future in the UK
24 November 2009

Topical Questions